4 weeks left!

Busy, unproductive weekend. On Friday I applied for a post-baccalaureate school, watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blogd (so good!) with Carissa, and cleaned the house.

On Saturday, I went to Fort Collins to look for a new ukulele with no success. Came back and prepared for a soirée Carissa and I were hosting for the canyon group and our friends. I made homemade eggrolls and with the excess wrappers some fried Nutella rolls. Mmmm, it was a complicated Mom-recipe but I think they turned out tolerably well.

Saturday was bad. I cleaned up from the party and made pancakes with my favorite recipe from The Joy of Cooking (I don’t think I’ve told you yet!) and that’s when I stopped being productive. I was kind of in a bad mood so I decided to watch one episode from Glee…I ended up watching the entire rest of season. Ugg. Glee is bad, and I know it, but it’s addictive.  And I love musicals. But then at 8:30 I went to Luciano’s to celebrate Sophie’s birthday! It wasn’t too bad, but really overpriced. I was expecting the worst because I’ve heard so many terrible things about it. I love our canyon group!

Here’s your Monday movie:

The Suzan “Home” from Mr Goldbar on Vimeo.

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