5: Recipes I want to try soon

Mmm…Almost out of mom food and ready to cook. Can you tell that I really like pasta and all things unhealthy? Oh, and this is pretty much where I get all my recipes.

01| Cheesy Baked Pasta With Spinach and Artichokes from RealSimple.
{Ok, I think this is the one I made before and it was really delicious, but I’m not sure!}

02| Mom’s eggrolls.
{She gave me the recipe, but it looks pretty complicated.}

03| Broccoli Cheddar Soup from Summer Harms
{My favorite kind of soup}

04| Zucchini red onion flat bread from Summer Harms
{I love flatbread. I attempted to make naan a few days ago but it was too cold for the bread to rise so they didn’t turn out well. It was VERY cold in Laramie}

05| Macaroni and Cheese with Cauliflower from Real Simple.
{I’ve jut had a hankering for mac n’ cheese for some reason}

Anything you think I should try first?

I’m also going to try my make my own lettuce wraps with some chicken I have in the fridge, but since I’m going to wing it I’m not going to list it here. Maybe I’ll let you know if it turns out ok.

On my way to see Katie’s play Books on Tape here at the UW theater (that’s not her in the picture). She’s the lead! But she has to go to Chicago on Sunday so if you  go to the Sunday or Monday performance you’ll miss her :/. And the Saturday performance is nearly sold out so get your tickets fast!

^Summer’s flat bread.

Your Turn:
  1. carissa says:

    They were right. Adding red pepper flakes is pretty good.