5: {little} reasons while I’m like my Mac

Did you see this coming? I bet you did. Here are five small reasons my imac makes me happy, since I’m sure that you can guess the bigger ones.

01| The mouse is so cool! It’s like a moving track pad because it has all the zoom, swipe, and scroll options but it’s a completely flat surface. It was a neat surprise. Inertia scroll too.

02| I can eat while I’m at the computer. Maybe this isn’t a good thing. But I didn’t it was harder to eat with my laptop because I didn’t want to get my track pad grubby. Now I can push around the mouse without worry. Oh, and this space means I have a place to put my food so I will be less likely to spill koolaid all over like I did on my laptop…

03| More desk space! Since my keyboard isn’t attached to the screen anymore, I have a huge surface in front of my screen to put books and write. My desk has a pull-out keyboard thing where I can put my new peripheries. It was always a pain trying to balance stuff on it and the tiny sliver of desk space I had

04| I get to use my UW Honor’s Program mouse pad. I’m a dork. I got this mousepad like 3.5 years ago and have never used it. But I knew that one day I would and it would be fantastic! Ok, the mousepad itself is not exciting or very cute, but I just like the fact that I got to put my hoarding into good use.

05| Bigger screen. Ok,  this probably doesn’t count as a very surprising thing that I like, but I don’t care about portability as much as I do a big screen. It’s indicative of the fact that I’m not a particularly cool person and that I like to multitask and have 40 screens up at once while writing a paper.

Whew, hopefully it’s out of my system. I promise you that this will [most likely] be the last post dedicated to my computer because I’m sure no one else is excited about it.

Oh, and of course the obligatory and cliche picture from Photobooth:

Maybe it’s just me, but are you as tired of seeing photobooth pictures as I am?

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