Happiest of birthdays Igor!

Today is Igor’s birthday!

New Stats:

Intelligence: 8
Super power:
laser-beam eyes

In the future, Igor will be a graphic designer.

I gave him some Jamaican Blue Mountain whole bean coffee. It’s supposed to be the one of the finest coffees in the world (according to both Evan and the discovery channel). Although I suspect that he does not really care for coffee.

His birthday plans? “Heroine”

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Your Turn:
  1. Nate says:

    Giving him a 6 in power is generous. Also his laser-beam eyes could use some work.

    And I believe it should be ” ” if you’re using BB-code :D

  2. Nate says:

    I forgot it wouldn’t show up if I did it right

    (color=grey) (/color), if () were :D

  3. Jacklynn says:

    Be nice to Igor, it’s his birthday and a Wednesday! Besides, his stats had to go up, what would that say about his previous level?

    Oh? I use the arrow brackets and they always work, I just forgot to go into html mode.