5: Songs that will get stuck in your head

I have a special surprise for today’s Friday 5. I was horribly busy and sleepless this week, but I did my homework early for tomorrow, so I felt like something epic needed to be done for today. So, after a long forum with my friends, we’ve compiled a list of our the five catchiest songs of all time.

ROUND 1 {unordered}
Songs that made the cut from our brainstorming list, but this not our final list

  1. YMCA {Village People}
  2. Who Let the Dogs Out? {Baha Men}
  3. Blue (Da Ba De) {Eiffel 65}
  4. Flo Rider {T-Pain}
  5. Raindrops keep falling on my head {Burch Bacharach}

FINAL LIST {Ordered}
–Sorry for this

05| What’s Your Flava? {Craig David}
(to be fair, I sing “What’s your flavor, tell me whatcha flava?” when ever my friends ask me if I can do them a favor, so this might be over represented)

04| Tik Tok{Ke$ha}
(We thought this had lasting power)

03| Sweet Caroline {Neil Diamond}
(At least this one isn’t painful)

02| Love Shack {B-52}
(This was controversial. Evan & Carissa cringed at the thought of thinking about this song, but I was unfamiliar so it didn’t get the top spot)

01| Finally……….I Gotta Feeling {Black-Eyed Peas}
{The whole shebang. Catchy, annoying, popular, over radio play, instant reaction, simple melody)

Recognition Awards: The Songs That Didn’t Make it:
Brown-eyed girl – Jimmy Buffet?; Lean on me; Hey Bulldog – Beatles; Don’t go chasing waterfalls – TLC; Adam’s family theme; Single Ladies – Beyonce; Bad romance/Poker face – Lady Gaga; Banna phone; Kokomo – Beach boys; Karma cameleon – Boy George; Monster mash; Short skirt, long jacket – Cake; Hey Jude – Beatles; Staying Alive – Bee Gees; Bohemian Rhapsody – Queens; theme from Full House; The roof is on fire – Bloodhound Gang; Dancing Queen – ABBA

Limitations of the study: Of course, we are pursued by our age, songs that we hear/heard during our generation probably had priority in our listings. We considered popularity, radio play, instant reaction, and pain. It was battle deciphering between songs that were REALLY catchy and songs that we just hated so much that when they did get stuck in your head it was awful. That being said, we recognize our biases and have moved forward.

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