WID: They're here….

My mom used to  initiate different projects for my siblings and me (yes “me” not “I”) when she thought we were getting too rowdy. One of those things projects were cross stitching kits. We just went to goodwill picked a kit out from a bin and then stitched the pixelated image of a cat or flowers. A few months ago I had the irrepressible urge to do one again even. Then, once I got back from my trip I went to the Salvation Army in Laramie and picked up two needlepoint patterns for $.05 each! Here’s the first one that I just finished.

The picture Jiffy Stitchery provided:

photo of a photo. (This is why I need a scanner)

This is my finished project. Notice anything? 🙂 :

"Autumn Barn"

Ps. Sorry, I know I’m terrible at taking pictures.

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