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  • Something sweet to start your week

    Aunt Jemima Buckwheat 1955 from Liko on Vimeo.


  • Zenith R521F radio

    Like my little radio I picked up at a thrift store in Omaha? I think it’s pretttttyy cute! Right now I have him tuned to an oldies station because I think that’s what the little champ is used to (that, and he only has AM radio). I can’t wait to put him in my apartment!

    Turn ons include:

    Electrical outlets

    The third knob from the left

    Being green

    Playing music

    Turn offs include:

    Playing FM radio


    **NOTE: Do you remember the paper cut radios I made? I really do think that old radios are fantastically beautiful.

  • Papercut radios

    I made these radios for a project I have due soon:

    Made with construction paper and love. I replicated radios that I found on the internet, I bet you could find the ones I used if you tried.

    *please don’t steal!

    ** I got the background from here.

  • Can you see what I see?

    Look what I found! isn’t it just the bee’s knees?

    they’re little sport glasses that collapse into a little compact less than an inch thick! And they spring back open. I just had to have them.

    In my opinion, they were a little over priced at $5 at a consignment store, but they’re lovely. Good design and it makes me happy.

    Do you like thrifting?

    Ps. Did I go overboard? Maybe a little.