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  • 5: Things to which I’m looking forward

    Ok, still dislike Sprint, but overall, I’m a pretty optimistic person. Here are five things I’m looking forward to:

    01 | Seeing Ira Glass speak at the University of Wyoming on Saturday (aka “tomorrow”). Wildy, madly excited about this. It also reminds me that I have to catch up on all my This American Life‘s that have been building up.

    02 | And what else is in Laramie? My lovely friends. Already have dinner with Mary scheduled before the lecture and everything else is open. I’m very excited.

    03 | Designing. A lot of designing recently. Lists of designing. I’ll cross one thing off, but there are still so many other projects. This is good and bad, exciting and frustrating. I wish everything wouldn’t come at once, though, because I do not have the ability to refuse a project. They all seem so fun! But I’m looking forward to is seeing some of them get printed. It just seems so unbelievable still that something I’ve made will be printed and that people are looking at it and they don’t even know I made it!

    04 | I registered myself as a small business, Studio Jacklynn Pham. I don’t know what that means, I don’t know what I need to do now, but I’m looking forward to something happening…come on, 2012! Also, if you do know something about this, you should probably help me.

    05 | Internet Detective. On Monday I’m taking an AIRS training course for my company in order to sleuth on the internet even harder. Get ready, everything, I’m going to find you! I feel like the amount of lingering I already do on the computer is only going to increase because of that.

    Hope you all had a lovely 11.11.11!

    Ps. Do you like my title? It’s fun to avoid ending on a preposition.

  • Rant on the UW

    I think general studies requirements are important because it gives you a diverse education. However, I hate the fact that the University of Wyoming is much more concern with me getting (and paying for) their requirements than helping me expand my knowledge, bloom, blah blah etc.

    I know that if they gave concessions to everyone then it would be harder for them, but that doesn’t make me feel like “Ok, I’ll take a lower-level class to make it easier for you.” I feel like they should assume that, if I can do x skill, I can also do all the skills that require x.

    Here are two examples:

    01 | The math requirement.

    At UW we have to have two math classes, a basic algebra-problem solving one, and a vague higher-level one. I took pre-calculus in high school, received an A. Then, when I went to Truman State, I tested into Pre-Calc again. Took it there, it was much easier than my high school course and received an A again.

    Then I cam transferred to UW. At first, they didn’t even want to give me math credit for this class. I convinced them that, yes, pre-calculus was a math class and the registrar resentfully gave me a lower-level math credit for it. I pointed out that it was more difficult than their finite math class, which is considered upper-level math. They snickered, tut-tutted, and shook their heads.

    So this summer I ended up taking Finite Math. It was easy, I had already learned these things, and besides that, I doubt I’ll ever need to make equilateral triangles in my day-to-day life. I received an A. It only cost $900.

    02 | Lower-level writing requirement.

    I am an English major with a professional writing minor. I’m a senior and am preparing to write my honors thesis, but I don’t have my lower-level writing requirement. I have taken at least 1 mid-level writing class and, by my last count, 5 upper-level writing classes. I have to pay $80 to test out of the lower-level writing requirement, because the thousands of dollars I’ve paid for the other writing classes aren’t good enough.


    A plague on bureaucracies everywhere!

    Thanks to for reading my crazy-talk.