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  • First day of…

    Well folks! Here it is! Nervous-excitement and excited-nervousness as I embark on the first day of my masters program. And as with other momentous occasions in my life: a poorly written and preformed song  on my ukulele.

    What my life is going to look like for the semester:

    On Monday & Wednesday I have 8 hours of classes. Three of my program classes and one class that I am TA-ing. (Very excited to do so, by the way!)

    On Tuesday & Thursday I have another class.

    And finally, on Friday I have two more classes: one design lab ( I don’t know what that means yet) and then a departmental colloquium.


    Stay tune for the life of a grad student…

  • Chimneys, ukulele retirment, books, haute couture, and ice cream

    I had such a lovely weekend. Sure I missed my usual 12 hours of sleep a day that I’ve been doing on weekends, but it’s for the best…in the long run. Probably one of the first times since moving here that I felt like I had the right amount of things to do. Have I told you that not being busy stresses me out? 100 times? Well it still does.

    On Friday Jordan impulsively decided to drive down to go to a concert at the Hi-Dive, and being the kind of person who is always open, only too happily agreed to join him. We had a late dinner at City-O-City where Jordan experienced oodon noodles. We then got lost in Stapleton trying to find Wyncoop Brewery, that, yes, is just downtown. The show was really great. As strange as it sounds, I haven’t often been to concerts where I’ve really enjoyed the music and so going to the random tiny shows Jordan takes me to is wonderful because we have similar tastes. It’s fascinating for me to watch them make the sounds. (I sound like I was raised by wolves right now, I know).

    Chimney Choir: really liked ’em.
    Poor Moon: Sounds like Fleet Foxes, Jr. (still good)
    Lost in Trees: I liked them ok too, but by then my feet were killing me and Jordan had to had back to Laradise.

    Saturday was furious blur. I had this rush order from a client before I wanted to head to my first ukulele group meeting that threw my sleep-deprived self off kilter. At 10:30 I realized that the meeting was not at 11:30, but actually, why yes, at 10:30. I came 30 minutes late but all was well. This week’s theme was Punk rock and my favorite songs we played were “Should I stay or should I go?” by the Clash and “River of Dreams” by Billy Joel.

    Let me back up. This was a non-soccer attempt at meeting some new people at in Denver. People in Denver that share my interests, like we talked about. I arrived into the hip Swallow Hill Music School with much mixed anticipation. I was a little worried that, instead of future fun-loving silly cohorts all just-out-of-college-and-lost I would be greeted by angry hipsters mad that I can’t play or sing. As a clamored down the stairs thinking of various excuses for my tardiness I was met with a group that met neither of my expectations. They were out of college…but they were also retired. Sigh. I think that says a lot about how relevant my interest are. I have no idea how to be youthful.

    After our strum along was over I made  a mad dash to the library for my first day volunteering!  I was so excited I put my badge on in the car. And I also wore it in Mad Greens, where I grabbed a quick lunch. I saw the cashier read it. I’m pretty sure he was in awe of how cool I was.

    Volunteering was so great. Being in the library was so great. (“great,” known for being such a descriptive word…)I think it might be my favorite place in all of Denver. I just keep imagining diving in the books forever and ever. It just feels like where I want to be. I was training with another girl who seemed really cool (we might go to a screening of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers together, Sarah! And Jane Powell will be there! How’dya like them apples?). All the people I met were bright, sweet, and a little bit sassy.

    Check out this view from the seventh floor staff lounge(!):

    RIGHT?! Ok, not the best picture, but if you get to do the whole 360 degrees thing, it’s pretty nifty. We’re right on Broadway.

    Some how, afterwards I still had the energy to go thrifting with Matt to replenish my wardrobe that I’ve out-chubbed. Ugg.

    Ok, at the risk of making a too-long post that no one will read anyway, I rounded off today by going to the Denver Art Museum with two of my friends to see the Yves Saint Laurent exhibition. Not being particular to fashion, I still really loved it. At some point it becomes less about fashion and more about incredible design and impeccable taste. Plus, Laurent pretty much invented women’s fashion. There was a world without peacoats!! Who would have thought? Afterwards I treated myself to a little ice cream with Nick. Mmm, ice cream.


  • SuperVarca & Super Bass

    From my ukulele hero and wonderful girl all-around, Sarah:

    You are who we all want to be. Much love from the Americas!




    Catch-22 > Joseph Heller > Brilliant
    Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk > David Sedaris > Always good for a laugh
    Life of Pi > Yann Martel > Knowing nothing about the book as I did, surprisingly spiritual


    Go outside > Cults
    Do you want it all? > Two Door Cinema
    If you need a reason > Mason Jennings
    Got to be free > The Kinks > (You knew was coming, didn’t you?)


    Pale blue eyes > The Velvet Underground
    Hot n’ cold > Katy Perry/Los Colorados
    Through the roof n’ underground > Gogol Bordello




    Buying a road bike
    Antique furniture for my new apartment
    Texting. Oh so much texting.
    Getting contact lenses for snowboarding


    My heart being in Laramie
    Braving First Friday alone


    New apartment!
    My really wonderful roommate
    Secret Santa Exchange with my Laramie people
    Christmas sweaters. OH BOY!


    The Muppets > Anyone want to go with me?!


    I’m thinking about doing this at the end/beginning of every month. Thoughts? Let me know!

  • I’m not afraid to look like a dork for my friends

    because I like ’em so much.

    The most beautiful of birthdays, Carissa. You’re in a new place having probably some of the most exciting times you will have in your entire life. I hope you enjoy every moment of it—good or bad. I hope you never change and I hope you transform. You are an amazing person and I hope you see yourself the way we all do.

    And stuff.

    I’m sorry that I know this could be so much better. But I’ll sacrifice myself on the alter of friendship for you:

  • Vlog: I’m going to Denver!

    Recorded this song, I think it completely explains my life rational:

    (Embarrassing, right? I’m not video-gentic)

    Anyway, heading down to Denver today because I received an internship with the LoDo District. Vraiment excité!

  • Tuesday has never been so metal

    To the person who is more happy being himself than anyone I know.

    May only good things happen to you :)

    And, against my better judgement, here’s this:

    Happy birthday, Evan!

    Love, Jacklynn

    Ps. And happy birthday to the ever-cheerful Susannah as well.

  • No coconut custard, but still a good day

    I was a bit disappointed, but it didn’t spoil my ice cream date with my childhood friend, Julia. I mean, if you’re hanging out with a childhood pal, how can you not have fun? Besides, I’m getting a bit obsessed about this ice cream.

    Plus, I finally got my new uke! I’m over the moon for it!

    (sorry for the weird picture, I took it in photo booth and cropped it to hide as much of my room as possible)

    And then Evan took me to La Casa for pizza. Mmm, so good! It’s my favorite place to get pizza, right behind Zio’s. Maybe even tied if I think about it more…I’ll have to go to Zio’s soon and find out. But we got our favorite, hamburger, and then we tried the scrumptious margarita pizza, which I think is the perfect summer pizza. They have this delicious thin crust and excellent homemade sauce.

    La Casa’s been around since the 1950’s and their sign is now a historic marker so 1) they’re not allowed to change it 2) they have to keep it turned on if the store is open. Apparently a couple years back it got damaged by a storm and they had to spend a lot of money restoring it.

    Evan and I are both dorks and talk about graphic design all the time. Evan adores the La Casa design: the typography and the little guy (“Peppi”). Personally, I really like the type and I think the figure is quaint for it’s time. Most of all, we both agree that we like it because it’s special. It’s not just that  ultra-thin all-lower-case typography that’s so en vogue right now.

    My mom also took me to see Guys & Dolls at the Omaha Community Playhouse. That was really fun! I’ve never seen that musical before and my mother’s never been to the theater at all. She said she might want to maybe go to another play too, possibly, which in mom-talk is as close to “I loved it!” as it gets. (Yes, living at home is killing my spirit a throwing a giant wet blanket over my optimism).

    And today I traded my Trek 820 mountain bike for a Schwinn Tourist hybrid bike. I’m so excited to take it out biking, but the weather is looking pretty grim today.  My Trek is actually a bit nicer and worth more than the Schwinn, but it wasn’t working for the road biking I was doing. I know this isn’t impressive to most people, but I road for an hour and half yesterday on our trail in Papillion and I was really proud of myself!

    No luck in the finding a job. My future is only just starting to come into focus. But I’m just hoping to enjoy this summer.

  • Jealous!

    So I’ve been plucking away at my ukulele trying to learn this song, when I stumbled across this kid playing it approximately 1000000x better than me. Not fair! On the bright side my new ukulele should be arriving soon. New ukuele? you ask, But didn’t you just get a new ukulele? Why yes I did observant audience. But I traded it in for a nicer concert-sized one. I’m really excited!

  • It’s not “goodbye”

    ….it’s “until we meet again.”

    So all last week I was actually in Laramie and had scheduled those posts in advance. I’m tricky like that.

    But before I talk about that, first: your Monday movie, which I didn’t get to post because I was on the road yesterday.

    By the way, the drive was the worst ever. I drove into a tornado storm warning county where I had to stop until the warning expired and then drove through a severe thunderstorm for 4   h o u r s.

    Some of the lovely things I did while in Laramie:

    01 | Watched Hello, Dolly! with Sarah, Carissa, and Katie. The cutest, dopiest, and campiest musical I have ever seen–which is saying a lot–but, it was also deliciously wonderful because sometimes that’s exactly what you need in the world. It’s the musical that Wall-E is watching.

    02 | Went to Beartree Tavern & Cafe to see live music. If you’re ever in Centennial, you’ll have to go to this bar. It’s a little gem in the tiny town.

    {Picture of my friend took on their cellphone of me dancing with Sarah. Priceless. The Lonesome Heroes are playing in this picture}

    03 | Nothing like  a good old-fashioned game of Balderdash. Carissa and I won, probably because we’re roommates and pretty much think the same now. There was a little Boggle tossed in there too. I met even more nice people during the game, only one weekend before leaving. Why are all the best people you meet hiding until you leave a place? Anne, James, Connor, Brendon, and Sam: hope you all have a wonderful year where ever you may be!

    04 | A lot of ukulele playing. I am really addicted to my little uke. Here’s one of the songs I learned to play, though not nearly as well as Aunt Vi:

    05 | Saying “until we meet again” to these lovely people. (If you’re in Laramie and haven’t tried the berry cake at Turtle Rock, it’s a must. One of the best cakes I’ve ever eaten. And I brought a Lithuanian torte with me!)

    {From left to right: Carissa–China, Sarah–France, Bob–Spain, Katie–England, Jacklynn–Portland!?}

    06 | Finally all moved out of my apartment. Whew!

    Onto the next adventure!