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  • Friendsgiving 2013



    It was so wonderful to see Igor & Shanna and be in New York for a bit. I was definitely eager from a break from work. It ended up being a lot of eating, movie-watching, and laughing. Perfect, right?! Probably my favorite Thanksgiving in a few years.

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  • Thanks all around.



    Thanks so much.



    You don’t know this, but that fact that my friends and friend-periphery read this occasionally helps keep up blogging moral. And I want to to keep blogging, so thanks. It has become a useful database of my past thoughts and adventures presented in a happier light.

    Just spent a brief Thanksyougiving with the phamily in Nebraska. I have to say it was the shortest and smallest one we’ve had for years because the family has gotten to large for our “rickety house” (as my aunt calls it) and so tiny factions have broken off to have their own Thanksgivings.

    How I’m feeling now: It’s weird to be home. I don’t think this has really felt like home since I lived in my own apartment two years ago. Sure, there’s a certain tinge of nostalgia when I come back, but it’s somewhat difficult to see through the heavy coat of stress that also comes with coming home. My sister created a name for our house on FourSquare that I think says everything: Asian Shame Center of Nebraska. I really don’t need to go on from there.

    I’m also feeling restless still. It was quelled for while I was busy, but now it’s back again! I use the word “adventure” a lot, but I really mean it. I want to go on little adventures with spontaneous people! I want good company, laughs, and new places. I’m pretty sure that moving into my new apartment will alleviate these feelings at least for a bit.

  • Update

    At home.

    (Turkey + TV + Sleeping in + new coat)


    (Graphic design work – Beloved – Work)

    But it makes me feel guilty.

    I’m ready for this semester to be over.

    (Finish my blanket + knit socks + finish website + read for fun)

  • On the road again…

    Safe travels everyone!

  • 5: Things I’m thankful for

    With thanksgiving aren’t the the corner and me scootin’ home for it, thought I might do this cop-out post because since I’m feeling a little brain dead.

    01| My lovely friends who were nice enough to listen to me complain this entire semester. And they’re pretty cool in their own right too.

    02| Tea & Coffee. I would be failing all of my classes right now it it weren’t for you.

    04| That I chose making a website for my final project. I’m so excite to work on it and finish it. [FYI: I plan on making it full functional by mid-December, when its due…and then taking better pictures, etc over Christmas break.]

    05| This blog. Honestly, it’s been really therapeutic. Like I have hinted at, this has been the worst semester of my life with an all-nighter at least once a week, sometimes two, and with around 3-5 hours of sleep for the other nights. But I try my hardest not to complain on this blog (I know you’re thinking “What? You were whining all the time” but trust me, I was trying). By writing about positive things I think it really made me a little happier.

    So thanks :)