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  • 5: Polaroids

    What? It’s not Friday? Yeah I know.

    I had these done earlier today (Friday, I haven’t gone to bed yet), but then I ended up going out to eat and seeing Despicable Me (for free). Chaotic week and next week is going to be terrible! So…don’t expect much.

    But for here are 5 Polaroids I’ve taken recently! (Not so good)

    The first one was shot with the old 100 Silver Shade and the rest were shot with the PX 70 Color Shade. I but a TON of the color instant film because they were/are on sale. As you can see, they seem to be changing weird colors (these pictures are pretty from the summer, mostly). That makes me kind of sad. But at least I’ve preserved them so far.

    Oh, and the last one was my fault. I had something over the dispense to protect it from light, but it was too close and the film couldn’t eject properly. It was supposed to be sunshine through leaves..

    Impossible also sent out a newsletter and it looks like they have a new film which looks like it takes really nice pictures from it’s promo.

  • The rain stopped, the clouds parted…

    …and suddenly the sun came out!

    I’ve finally finished my paper! I will have a life again!!! Hurray!!

    I set my a timer to give me exactly enough time to print, put on my shoes, and book it down to the English department to turn in my paper so that I can edit until the very last second. In a highly dramatic dash two blocks away to the said building, I run up the stairs with a bundle of papers. I throw aside the door like I’m swatting a bug.

    ALAS! What’s this?!


    Panicked, I ran around the building, asking anyone I met if they had a key. To no avail. Unceremoniously, I shove my papers under my professor’s door. I’m completely scared at this point and I’m sure I’ve failed my mission. When I got home, I was still shaking.

    Evan says it was a terrible paper. Sigh. I liked it.

    In happier news:

    Happy birthday to the ever lovely Laura!