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  • woah woah woah WOAH!

    Ok, I have been absent for so long! Holidays, man, holidays. Should I tell you all about it? It’s going to be a hot mess…Not even sure you’d care, but here goes!

    01 | Two weeks ago, Jordan, Laurie, and Clay came up to visit for a concert = first guests in my new apartment = hosting extravaganza!

    On the menu for dinner:

    • Macaroni & Cheese with cauliflower
    • Rotisserie chicken (Thanks, King Soopers!)
    • Mustard roasted green beans (really delicious and simple: marinade green beans in olive oil, salt & pepper, and mustard overnight–I put mine in a gallon baggie–and then cook at 375-400F for about 20 minutes)
    • Loaf of multi-grain bread warmed in the oven
    • Pineapple upside-down cupcakes

    Sorry, I didn’t think to snag a picture before we ate…but all foods are accounted for in this picture.

    02 | For breakfast the next day we had: Oatmeal pancakes (with pecans), Matt’s fantastic scrambled eggs (think cinnamon), and breakfast sausage. I love breakfast.

    03 | Jordan went home (boo!) but the rest of the gang met up with Grant and his friend Dan and we went skiing/snowboarding at Copper Mountain. I am still horrible at snowboarding. But it was a lot of fun anyway! We ate a restaurant called Moose Jaw in Frisco that was okay. They only had one chef, one waiter, and one bartender and they were full to capacity so the to say the service was slow would be being generous. Still, they were friendly and the food was good.

    What else? I feel like a hundred things have happened!

    04 | Matt mad this incredibly delicious eggplant & ground beef moussaka for dinner…

    The picture doesn’t do it justice. It was warm, flavorful, moist, and absolutely melted in y our mouth. Probably not ideal for dieters, but great for anyone with a human heart.

    05 | Last Wednesday, as a last minute decision I drove up to Laramie to see the lovely Sarah who is back from France, featuring this sweater:

    SO much fun to be had. A lot of ukulele playing, a lot of catching up, and not enough young-coconut drinking (my favorite drink of all time). We even drove down to Cheyenne on Thursday to see Katie who is back for the holidays from England! My friends, I love them.

    06 | I went to a Christmas Eve party at Carissa’s sister, Laura’s, house with Savannah (that was a lot of words) and had a really great time. It’s been too long since all of us have gotten to hang out. Carissa and I watched Midnight in Paris later, it was ok. I felt like it wasn’t a very substantial movie and it was definitely more about “look at these people we know!!!” But Rotten Tomatoes seems to be head-over-heels for it, so maybe there’s something I’m missing.

    07 | Christmas with the phamily was the usual. Ate to excess and felt incredibly guilty about it. But my uncle did dig out these pictures that I love:

    And later that night I watched Submarine, a movie that I did really like. It’s a British film, a really funny coming-of-age film in that perfect, awkward way.

  • Keepin’ it relevant

    A part of me always thought that once I graduated and was out of school I would have all the time in the world to pursue my hobbies. Books would be read, scarves would be knitted, hats & mittens crocheted, blogs posts would be published….everything could be mine once I came home at 5 o’clock. In my month of working, I’ve realized that is not the case. (Though, I don’t know how typical it is for someone to work for four companies).

    But, as is the mantra of the building where I work and of, as it seems, the entire state of Colorado: Work to live, don’t live to work.

    So here’s to me keeping it relevant. How long with this post be? Who knows.

    These crazy cats, Hugh & Kyle, went to the MCA’s Black Sheep Friday last week and I think it went smashingly. First we had a Groupon dinner at Wild Bangkok Bar & Grill. Then we went to smash grapes in a tub I Love Lucy style. They even provided bandanas and skirts for authenticity. I like them both. They were charming and witting and such a lovely pair of friends.

    This is the Olezene’s sewing machine. Isn’t it charming?! Don’t you love it? The red makes it ridiculously dapper and vraiment modern. Even though it’s old, it still works like a charm. That’s good design.

    What was I doing with this little wonder?

    I hemmed up two pairs of cheapo skinny jeans! I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I’m really proud of myself! Even though it took literally 10x longer than it would an average person. I’ve never hemmed jeans before. Dress pants once by hand about a year or two ago, but never jeans. I also want to note that I had to hemmed him up about 5-6 inches. #Asian.

    Yesterday I went to the Something Independent 2011 Snowsport Entrepreneur Awards held at my building and the governor of Colorado came to give short speech. I really like him. Afterwards my boss heckled me to take a picture with him. I hate intruding upon people and I felt like he wanted nothing more to get away from all of us as soon as possible, but I’m glad I have this picture now. ALSO, the awards themselves were amazing and all the companies that participated were inspiring. Something Independent is one of the other companies that work in Battery621. It’s stupendous.

    In future news: better photography is coming your way. I got a Light Scoopy for my camera! I heard about it long ago on How About Orange’s blog but haven’t didn’t get it because 1) I’m not a real photographer and 2) I felt like not being a photographer wouldn’t let me spend $30 on a camera accessory. But I’m using my new job as an excuse to take (better) photos of events so I can blog about them. (The majority of these images or phone pictures…). Look at this picture I took of Carissa’s cat:

    It’s hard to take a picture of black cats but look!! It’s an indoors shot, it’s night time, with only indoor lighting! I’m excited to use this tomorrow.

    So tomorrow I’ll be going to the Battery’s “Business of Fun Forum” and then on Friday I’m going to a work party followed by the Battery’s “Launch of Winter Party” that I have been bothering people to come to so that I’m not such a nerd at work. :D.

    We’re living in fast times.