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  • Metropolitan weekend

    On Friday I went to the 36th Annual Juried University of Wyoming Student Exhibition where many talented UW artists’ work were displayed including three of Evan’s paintings and two of Jessica‘s

    [bad picture of Evan’s Crow Reservoir” -sold-]

    [Evan’s “Creatures” -$800-]

    [Jessica’s painting (“campfire”?) -sold]

    Afterward, we went to the Art Show after party in the new Wildcatter Stadium Suites. It was nice up there and there was good food. But can I just mention UW recently spent about $26.4 million on renovating the stadium this year (over $9.2 million on the new Wildcatter area) and they canceled their plans to renovate Hoyt Hall (where the English and Languages departments are held) even though Hoyt is extremely outdated and has asbestos [source]? Oh yeah,  and of course the new business building looks like a mansion. Gag.

    On Saturday I went to the Denver Center for Performing Arts to watch A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It was really well done and hilarious! I have never read or seen this play before for some reason and I really enjoyed it. Only $10 with our student ids!

    And on Sunday, I watched way too much of Pushing Daises and finished season two. I’m so sad that show got canceled so abruptly. The trailer doesn’t make it sounds as great as it really is.