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  • ‘The mystery of the missing martins’ video

    I saw and loved this and I think if you see it, you’d love it too.


    It’s all of the things that I like together: animals, science facts, and silliness in a well-designed way.

  • 5: Things I wanted to get for Christmas


    01. These running shoes. They’re a business expense, right?

    02. A scanner. I’m thinking this one, but I’m not committed to anything.

    03. A simple analog watch with a leather wristband. I had a neat one I found at a thrift store but the band broke.

    04. Art books. One of my goals this year is build a collection of art books. Maybe digital books for reading are ok, but you need to own physical copies of art books. (I’ll have to also buy a bookshelf for this…

    05. Better at the ukulele/singing. Well that, but really an iPhone and to join a different carrier than Sprint. Yes, Sprint is still the worst. I continue to hate Sprint and the lousy phone they gave me. I infrequently get internet, and when I do it’s slow. I’m always roaming in Wyoming, there are weird texting glitches, no battery life to speak of, and the screen doesn’t show my icons until I slide it.

  • 110: Mapping

    I love using NPR as sources on my research project. I’ve decided I’m an audio learner.

    Listen to the This American Life Episode 110: “Mapping”

    Sorry I can’t embed the audio player. WordPress can be very lame sometimes.

  • Neat things: NPR + alcohol

    I heard these three NPR stories recently and though they were so interesting. I actually almost never drink alcohol because I don’t like the taste,  but I have nothing against it.

    01| “Aged 9,000 Years, Ancient Beer Finally Hits Stores” [6:24 min]

    An All things considered story about the recently finding the oldest beer—in China! Amazingly, the high-class brewing company, Dogfish Head, has recreated the beer (for modern palates) and its on the shelves for those willing to shell out a eight bucks.

    02| “Shake or Stir, But Please Don’t Sweeten” [3:00 min]

    A Weekend Edition story by food critic Bonny Wolf describing the elegance of a martini. An entertaining story about trying to reclaim it’s sophistication.

    The perfect martini according to Bonny?

    4 ounces London dry gin
    1/2 ounce French vermouth
    2-3 large green olives

    Pour gin and vermouth into a shaker filled with ice. Shake for one minute, then strain into a V-shaped cocktail glass. Garnish with olives on a martini pick.

    03| “Oldest Champagne Found in Baltic Sea” [00:56 min]

    Drinking money. I love their description of the champagne: “It was sweet and fantastic”. Champagne connoisseurs must be banging their head against the wall about that description.