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  • Jacklynn by the numbers, 2015-2016


    Let’s see what 2016 brings!

    (In order to not offend all designers everywhere, I just want to add the note that I know this is bad design. I just stretched a bunch of words & numbers to fit into even lines. I know better, you know better, but here it is.)

  • 5: Sticky Notes

    My New Year’s resolution of reading a little bit every day has fallen a bit on the wayside, not because I’ve stop liking reading, but I’m having a lot of trouble getting into The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. It is well written, but the subject matter bores me. I feel as if  the book is more about the novelty of drugs rather than…a real story?  It reads to me more like creative journalism than a story to me and so it struggles to get my attention. A good book should surround you.

    Since getting my first magazine in the mail from Communication Arts and, in order to fill the reading void, I’ve been excitedly reading it instead. It makes me want to look up all the books or designers that they mention. So here are 5 post-it’s that are sticking out of my magazine right now for me to look up later:

    01. Marian Bantjes | Graphic designer

    02. Paul Shaw | typographer | “Flawed typefaces” article

    03. Just My Type by Simon Garfield

    04. Des Edmonds | British typographer

    05. Rotis typeface







    I have no idea what I should do to start picking up my room again.

    NOTE: Many of these is from the the article “Typographic Hat Lists: Tirades, Tantrums, and Truths” by Allan Haley

  • Hello, 2012

    So how are you? Did you survive the New Year’s alright? I know I certainly had a great time. Before I start off, a couple of things:

    01. Shucks, I missed the Friday 5 yesterday, but I didn’t have internet. So I don’t feel too bad.

    02. I’m going to really try to take some more time and write well and more creatively instead of just lists. Does that mean lists are going away? Never. My  mind is nothing but filing cabinets of lists.

    03. I just ate a Lindt chocolate that fell on the floor and rolled about 2 feet away, just in case you ever got the impression that I’m classier than I am.

    Me, Kim, Jordan, Jordan, Sarah, and Katie

    Thanks to sneaky scheduled posts, I have actually been in Laramie for the last week because my dear friends Sarah & Katie were back from France and England, respectively, for the holidays. To say that I was happy to see them and that I had a great time doesn’t due it justice. Not by a long shot. These people, and several others, are just so wildly special to me. They are all fun, charming, smart, witty, and kind as you please.

    Since Katie and I were drifters in the city, we were jointly hosted by Sarah’s lovely family and The Bishop-Mount estates while we were there. I couldn’t possibly list all the things we did. In fact, I didn’t even take pictures because I knew I would be soaking up the good company every second. Luckily, there’s this new-fangled thing called “Facebook” that my friends use.

    We had some late-night, back-alley pizza parties. This I think was our first night in Laramie and it was marvelous, simply marvelous. Our giant, boisterous group dominated Front Street.

    Some obnoxious group huddles in the middle of New Year’s Eve parties.

    Music. Specifically ukulele playing. We had four ukulele players and two guitarist and a whole-lot of screaming.

    Seriously, a lot of music-playing. This is Jordan and me practicing “She Don’t Use Jelly.”

    It was great to be myself completely. To be as loud and silly as I want to be with people who don’t even notice. How did I get so lucky? Katie is heading back to England today and Sarah trooped back east to France last Thursday morning. The only thing that was missing was our dear Carissa. But we know she had a great holiday with her mother. I’m very jealous. I can honestly say, Carissa, you were not forgotten. We would periodically lament that you weren’t there and make wishes that you were.

    Obligatory list:

    • 01. Loved my laser-cat and magic eye book from Grant, my secret Santa.
    • 02. Was pleased as a peach to give Chris his gift, a set of pipes and holders. Friendship pipes.
    • 03. Adored giving Tally her gift: a square of carpet with that I rubbed bacon into.
    • 04. Coconut coffee à la Dan. Our deep love of coconut has brought me, Dan, and coffee so close.
    • 05. Way too much lion costume fun.
    • 06. Family portraits
    • 07. Lingering.
    • 08. Just Dance. Hobo version where you just play them on YouTube.
    • 09. A very heartfelt present form Kim, Sarah, and Katie.
    • 10. The Triplets of Belleville. A really crazy animated French film. Carissa, you’d like it.
    • 11. Watching Sarah (and Brendon) play at Open Mic Night.

    Back to the real world.

    All the best,




    The Great Divorce > C.S. Lewis > meh


    Who loves the sun? > The Kinks
    Cherry Cherry Christmas > Neil Diamond > Come on, it was the holidays!




    Buying things for my apartment
    New Year’s resolutions, here I come!


    Eating yogurt. It always makes me feel bad because I know the yogurt is alive!
    Exercising, the lack of


    Seeing Katie & Sarah (visiting from Europe)!
    Christmas exchange, for realz
    Sharing young-coconut drinks with a fellow coconut-enthusiast


    Midnight in Paris
    Good Will Hunting
    The Darjeeling Limited (again)


  • 5: Resolutions

    So long, 2k10!

    01| Exercise more. Sounds like a cliche, but it was my resolution during the summer and then things got chaotic.

    02| No more typos! (Or at least a lot less). I really, really, really need to become a better editor.

    03| Find out what I’m doing for the future…

    04| Be kind, even when it’s really difficult.

    05| Be more positive in general.

    Happy New Year’s!