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  • In my head: ‘Biting your tail’


    I can’t get this song, “Biting your tail” by Iron & Wine, out of my head. Thought I’d share what’s in my head with you.

    Intentionally the acoustic version.

  • Because I’m behind the times

    I was riding around with Susan when this song was playing on her ipod. I’d heard it before, but she then informed me that it won Best Cinematography in the VMAs. I like it!

  • Pretend it’s Monday

    …and that I posted this on time.

    In other news, I think I’ve picked out a template I want to use when I re-do my blog. I thought about making it match my website, which I will, but I don’t think it will be a perfect match, more of a synthesis of design elements because my blog is not necessarily about my professional life as a graphic designer and I don’t want them to intermingle too much.

    With that said, what do you, Tiny Audience, want to see on this blog? Since I’m graduating, I hope to have more time during the summer for normal sleeping patterns and regular blogging.

    Design, recipes, ruminations, personal anecdotes, reviews, movies, weekend recaps?

    Let me know: Leave a comment, anonymous formspring message (available on the sidebar or here), email me…What do you like and dislike?

    Again, I know this is the third time I’ve announce this, but there might be a day or two of blog chaos while I re-do it. I’m tentatively scheduling demolition for the week of May 9. And if I do it before then its because there is something else I really don’t want to do.

  • To sweeten your week

    Your Monday Movie:

  • music + dogs

    OK Go is a band which neither thrills me nor annoys me, but don’t you love their videos? Have you seen this one where they use dogs!?

    They’ve harnessed the power of cute to make a good video even better. Although the dogs look a little confused.

    My only qualm, as you might have excepted, is that there are no corgis…I mean, just look at how successful this video is because of the corgi: