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  • Spring cleaning. It’s cuter than you thought

    I thought that you might need something a little lighter after all those mentally taxing design videos.

    I had a good weekend. I ate some dim sum and thrifted with Kyle. On Sunday I enjoyed brunch and The Ring of Fire at the Denver Performing Arts Center with Faith. Mmm. How was your weekend?

    I was wondering, do you think it’s possible for me to social media any more than I do? I media socially pretty hard. But I have the dilemma: I find very little motivation to do things that have no definitive deadline and I sans school, I have a lot of just such things. One of them is studying vocabulary words for the GRE, which I may or may not take “soon.” Potential solution? Illustrate (aka, doodle) words out and post them in a microblog. Is this crazy? I still don’t expect anyone to read it, but I think enough strangers will pass through to make me keep going. No promises. But if i did create one, it would be here.

  • Some design reflection

    I love this lecture by Chip Kidd. I love his zest.

    It’s not often that I go to some lecture or forum and not enjoy it a least a little bit. At the very least, I’m content and don’t really regret going even if it’s not the most extraordinarily compelling.  Opportunity cost stuff, you know.

    However, last week I went to a two hour creative forum (with an hour of mingle time) and I mostly regret staying. Recently, it’s been the norm for me to see somewhat eccentric, passionate, and energetic people. The two designers they feeatured were…and of course I only saw them for two hours and they probably have a whole different side of them…the stereotypical high-brow design-tools that the media makes fun of. The kind Woody Allen would want nothing to do with. There’s confidence and there’s arrogance. They didn’t feel like any of their clients were capable of being insightful, creative, or understanding their work. That’s no way to be. Everything should inspire and influence you. There are many kind of wonderful design styles that can influence you. There are surprising perspectives that anyone can show you.

    They talked about being reductionists. As in, they were able to find the “true essence” of the project and represent it. As in, a lot of white space, short phrases, periods, black type. They describe having a several hour presentation of their work with their clients where one of the partners reads out of a 20-page packet of design justification. Doesn’t that sound horrendous?! They said sometimes their clients don’t understand how amazing their work is so they have to explain it to them. They explain every single thing they did do and explain every single thing they didn’t do. Ugh.

    They were the polar opposite of the idealists-we-can-change-the-world designers. They talked about limitations and making sure that their clients stayed grounded. In the way that some people feel the need to justify work that is subjective by making it scientific, they have to justify their art by dragging everything through an arduous process which distances themselves from their clients and audience as superior.

    I believe that good design embraces its audience. Clarity and simplicity are not the same thing. There is a way to make meaningful design in varying levels of complexity. I believe that no one should be lectured on why they should or shouldn’t like something. Even if it’s not instantaneous, it should hit them like a ton of bricks.

    James Victore described it like this: You want your audience’s reaction to be “Huh? WOW!” not “Wow!…Huh?

    Something has to give. And it’s not serifs.

  • Leonard Maltin & Jane Powell

    Jane Powell was a lot sassier than I thought she would be, on all levels. I should have known, though, Matt has told me that the musical theater-ites can live on forever.

  • Mostly for me

    This one is for you, but I like it too. In fact, I’m dying to see it.

    This one is mostly for me.

    And this one is for everyone:

    >> Oh! And by the way, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with soaking up inspiration lately and am trying not to gush over it on Twitter & Facebook so much, so I did cave and make a Pinterest (/jacklynnpham). And I have to say…I love it!! It’s really helping me catalog things I enjoy in the great big interwebz. Follow me if you’re interested, I promise no lame girl quotes and all the cute things will be banished to the Sugar board.


    Like paying the rent, I totally forgot to do this on Leap Day. Thought I’d kill two birds with one stone…happy Friday folks!



    Plainsong > Kent Haruf > Colorado author, fast read
    The Other Boleyn Girl > Philippa Gregory > Massive book, kind of like a 16th Century soap opera
    The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test > Tom Wolfe > Trying to finish this book as part of my resolution, but still not very into it.


    “The Stable Song” > Gregory Alan Isakov
    “Parrots in Tropical Trees” > Breathe Owl Breathe
    “Thirteen” > Big Star
    “American Dream” > Danielle At the Sandwich


    Buying cameras
    Pining over good graphic design
    Coconut coffee creamer


    So many traffic violations
    I am the worst at saving money
    Awkward moments, always.
    I need to update my website…


    Blaze Kings show was great
    Planning on going to the Denver Uke Fest
    Tickets to Bon Iver/Feist concert at Red Rocks? BOUGHT.
    Matt has made our living room so adorable


    The Beginners (so good!)
    (Part of) The Descendants (so boring!)
    Paper Moon (adorable, I recommend it)
    War Horse (better than I thought it would be)
    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (per Sarah’s request, wildly ridiculous)


  • 5: Lists

    Lists of list, you’re in a time warp. Shortlist is a site that makes lists. Why didn’t I know about your earlier?


    01. The 50 Coolest books Ever.

    02. The “Oh s***” posters.

    03. Art Deco Superheros.

    04. 30 Coolest Films Ever.

    05. Surreal Moments on Film.





    Dune > Frank Herbert > Finally finished! And can dip my nerd hat a little lower
    On the Road > Jack Kerouac> Started, but I don’t like my kindle edition
    Plainsong > Kent Haruf > Just started


    Submarine Sountrack
    Patrick Dethlef & Friends
    The Dawes


    taking Sun Do Sul lessons
    Cooking meals & hosting


    Not being about to stay on budget for the life of me
    Getting two traffic violations. Both unnecessary and mean.
    Having to get a new drivers license


    Seeing my friends from Wyoming!
    Working on a web development project
    More visits! More hosting! More cooking!
    Reading has been phenomenal


    House Bunny (again, with Matt)





    The Great Divorce > C.S. Lewis > meh


    Who loves the sun? > The Kinks
    Cherry Cherry Christmas > Neil Diamond > Come on, it was the holidays!




    Buying things for my apartment
    New Year’s resolutions, here I come!


    Eating yogurt. It always makes me feel bad because I know the yogurt is alive!
    Exercising, the lack of


    Seeing Katie & Sarah (visiting from Europe)!
    Christmas exchange, for realz
    Sharing young-coconut drinks with a fellow coconut-enthusiast


    Midnight in Paris
    Good Will Hunting
    The Darjeeling Limited (again)


  • woah woah woah WOAH!

    Ok, I have been absent for so long! Holidays, man, holidays. Should I tell you all about it? It’s going to be a hot mess…Not even sure you’d care, but here goes!

    01 | Two weeks ago, Jordan, Laurie, and Clay came up to visit for a concert = first guests in my new apartment = hosting extravaganza!

    On the menu for dinner:

    • Macaroni & Cheese with cauliflower
    • Rotisserie chicken (Thanks, King Soopers!)
    • Mustard roasted green beans (really delicious and simple: marinade green beans in olive oil, salt & pepper, and mustard overnight–I put mine in a gallon baggie–and then cook at 375-400F for about 20 minutes)
    • Loaf of multi-grain bread warmed in the oven
    • Pineapple upside-down cupcakes

    Sorry, I didn’t think to snag a picture before we ate…but all foods are accounted for in this picture.

    02 | For breakfast the next day we had: Oatmeal pancakes (with pecans), Matt’s fantastic scrambled eggs (think cinnamon), and breakfast sausage. I love breakfast.

    03 | Jordan went home (boo!) but the rest of the gang met up with Grant and his friend Dan and we went skiing/snowboarding at Copper Mountain. I am still horrible at snowboarding. But it was a lot of fun anyway! We ate a restaurant called Moose Jaw in Frisco that was okay. They only had one chef, one waiter, and one bartender and they were full to capacity so the to say the service was slow would be being generous. Still, they were friendly and the food was good.

    What else? I feel like a hundred things have happened!

    04 | Matt mad this incredibly delicious eggplant & ground beef moussaka for dinner…

    The picture doesn’t do it justice. It was warm, flavorful, moist, and absolutely melted in y our mouth. Probably not ideal for dieters, but great for anyone with a human heart.

    05 | Last Wednesday, as a last minute decision I drove up to Laramie to see the lovely Sarah who is back from France, featuring this sweater:

    SO much fun to be had. A lot of ukulele playing, a lot of catching up, and not enough young-coconut drinking (my favorite drink of all time). We even drove down to Cheyenne on Thursday to see Katie who is back for the holidays from England! My friends, I love them.

    06 | I went to a Christmas Eve party at Carissa’s sister, Laura’s, house with Savannah (that was a lot of words) and had a really great time. It’s been too long since all of us have gotten to hang out. Carissa and I watched Midnight in Paris later, it was ok. I felt like it wasn’t a very substantial movie and it was definitely more about “look at these people we know!!!” But Rotten Tomatoes seems to be head-over-heels for it, so maybe there’s something I’m missing.

    07 | Christmas with the phamily was the usual. Ate to excess and felt incredibly guilty about it. But my uncle did dig out these pictures that I love:

    And later that night I watched Submarine, a movie that I did really like. It’s a British film, a really funny coming-of-age film in that perfect, awkward way.




    Catch-22 > Joseph Heller > Brilliant
    Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk > David Sedaris > Always good for a laugh
    Life of Pi > Yann Martel > Knowing nothing about the book as I did, surprisingly spiritual


    Go outside > Cults
    Do you want it all? > Two Door Cinema
    If you need a reason > Mason Jennings
    Got to be free > The Kinks > (You knew was coming, didn’t you?)


    Pale blue eyes > The Velvet Underground
    Hot n’ cold > Katy Perry/Los Colorados
    Through the roof n’ underground > Gogol Bordello




    Buying a road bike
    Antique furniture for my new apartment
    Texting. Oh so much texting.
    Getting contact lenses for snowboarding


    My heart being in Laramie
    Braving First Friday alone


    New apartment!
    My really wonderful roommate
    Secret Santa Exchange with my Laramie people
    Christmas sweaters. OH BOY!


    The Muppets > Anyone want to go with me?!


    I’m thinking about doing this at the end/beginning of every month. Thoughts? Let me know!