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  • “Make your habits gold”

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    I finally made that habits post I promised you! Some of it might be old hat for my two blog fans, but if you’re curious, check it on out Medium!

  • 5: Things I want to do every day

    01. Read.  An article,  story, news. (Especially from Communication Arts preferably, since I’m so behind)

    02. Draw something

    03. Get a little better at coding/Learn something new

    04. Pick up my room

    05. Move around in a way that makes me healthier.

  • 5: Things I would do all of the time

    …if the current rules of time did not exist.


    01. Read all of the books that I’ve ever even kind of thought about reading all day long.  Then read my Communication Arts magazines, GOOD Magazine articles, and Co.Design articles. Somehow, just all of them.

    02. Watch documentary after documentary. Then watch all the movies people have been like “YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS,” to which I responded “I WILL” but then haven’t had the time for. Also, to see all of the99percent videos and listen to all of the podcasts. Probably also the majority of then TED Talks videos. Then all of the PBS Digital Studios and the Carnegie Mellon Design the Future videos.

    03. Have at least working knowledge of the major front-end programming languages and HTML/CSS to expert levels. I’m thinking from this website.

    04. Greater dedication to doodling. I want to have to time to do my vocabulary doodles on a regular basis, also just random drawings in a little notebook, and larger projects that I dream of one day doing.

    05. Play tennis everyday (or until I beat Kyle at least). Go on light hikes around Colorado. Right my bike in the weather that is magically always temperate…

  • 5: Projects for fun

    01 | Re-do my branding/website

    02 | Website project for a caterer

    03 | Visual vocabular project

    04 | Inforgraphic

    05 | website for my goldfish

  • 5: Goals for winter break

    I’ve found that I’m usually over-ambitious with all the things that I can accomplish over breaks, so I’m going to try to restrain myself  this time.

    01 | Update my website by taking some photos of the real print-outs and mock ups. Maybe dabble in teaching myself some CSS/HTML. One day I’ll like to have an HTML version too. By the way, I just had to renew my website: $190 for two years. Ouch!

    02 | Fiddle with some yarn. I need to tuck in the loose bits of my blanket still and then it will be completely completely done. And I’m also very interested in learning how to knit socks.

    03 | Art. I would love to submit a fine art piece to the Annual Student Juried Exhibition that UW does. The question is: do I even make art?

    04 | Make some money. I am in dire need of replenishing my funds. Especially with Christmas shopping around the corner. Anyone need a something designed :)? I actually have a lot of things I can do for SimplyWell, so I should be ok.  (I do have to buy textbooks though)

    05 | Catch up with my family & friends :).

    What are you up to this during this holiday season?

  • 5 summer goals

    I think I have more, but here’s five:

    01| Re-do my website. I guess, I’m also in charge of the Mortar Board and the Student Activities Council website now too.  So first I’ll learn how to make pretty websites, and then make websites.

    02| Work on my design portfolio. Regrettably, My design portfolio is both small and of low quality. Now that my English class is COMPLETELY behind me, I hope that I can really work on this. I enjoy it, but it’s hard for me to work without deadlines.

    03| Exercise regularly. Just because it’s good for me!

    04| Study for the GRE. Gross. Face vomit.

    05| {Super secret project!!!} Can’t tell you yet :)

    And now,  for no reason at all, my favorite song on Glee so far:
    (Probably because it’s by my favorite character…)