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  • Gleek

    You know, when I was in high school “gleek” meant spitting. Does it still?

    Anyway, I used to like Glee, but the plot somehow got even worse so I can barely watch it long enough to enjoy the corny dancing.

    But I love Artie.

    I’m thinking about having videos every Monday, what are your thoughts?

  • 5 summer goals

    I think I have more, but here’s five:

    01| Re-do my website. I guess, I’m also in charge of the Mortar Board and the Student Activities Council website now too.  So first I’ll learn how to make pretty websites, and then make websites.

    02| Work on my design portfolio. Regrettably, My design portfolio is both small and of low quality. Now that my English class is COMPLETELY behind me, I hope that I can really work on this. I enjoy it, but it’s hard for me to work without deadlines.

    03| Exercise regularly. Just because it’s good for me!

    04| Study for the GRE. Gross. Face vomit.

    05| {Super secret project!!!} Can’t tell you yet :)

    And now,  for no reason at all, my favorite song on Glee so far:
    (Probably because it’s by my favorite character…)