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  • 21st Century attention span

    Since I’ve starting actually working with social media (for reals, not just my CIA-like facebook stalking that’s all me) I’ve realized how short my attention span is, which I blame all the neat things on the internet. The fact that I always have like 4 windows open with 10 tabs on each, am usually chatting, have 5 different applications open….it’s really madness. Being ADD on the computer just comes naturally to me. One thing will remind me of another, and another, and another, and then I’ll just want to buy something…

    But anyway: focus. My Friday Five is going to be five things I’m thinking about right now:




    01 | “Hello Little Girl” by The Beatles. I have their anthology so I have all there really old stuff and this was playing on my drive in to work today and I really like it. At first I was like, are they making cat noises? But, I don’t think so. The little noise just says it all, doesn’t it?

    02 | I got a MacBook Pro for work and I already feel like we’re best buds. Like, i don’t feel like there was that initial awkwardness as you get used to a new machine. Probably because we already shared a traumatic experience together. We were meant to be together.

    03 | I want to learn how to quilt. And knit mittens with the little patterns on them. Pam can do it, why can’t I!?!

    04 | I’m worried about my posture. I have always had excellent posture, but I feel like I’m on the computer too much now.

    05 | I’m going to start running (it goes without saying that  I mean “jogging”) and yoga. It’s going to happen. For seriously.