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  • WordCamp Denver 2012

  • 5: Things we touched


    From when Sarah and some fellas were visiting.

    01. Fashion

    At The Brass Armadillo & Regal Vintage.

    02. ART

    This actually made me very anxious.

    03. Canines

    04. Ukejos

    05. And, as always, my heart.

    Me in city park

  • A place with stories to tell

    So guess where I am right now.

    I’ve escaped the heat of summer in the most wonderful place in Denver. Here, no one will ask me what I did over the weekend and be disappointed when I don’t use the words “party,” “hike” or some other athletic verb. Here there are people just quietly living their lives. They’re thinking thoughts that they don’t need to say or tell you or confirm or acknowledge and react to.

    I am constantly amazed about how beautiful this library is. This room in particular, the fifth level reading room in the Western History & Genealogy department, is so pretty I’m not sure I’m even allowed to be here with a computer. Seems almost sacrilegious to bring anything other than a musty book with worn corners.

    But, hi.

    On Thursday I impulsively bought tickets to the Avett Brothers concert at Red Rocks to go with Jordan. Not sure when it happened that I became one of those people who attend concerts, but there I was among thousands of people listening.

    The opener was City & Colour who I didn’t think I’d ever heard, but when I they played this song, I remember that I had, and then I absolutely loved that song. I must not have been the only one because a man proposed to his girlfriend during the song (she said ‘yes’).

    The Avett Brothers were fantastic. They played a blend of fast and slow stuff. I feel pretty confident in saying the adequately had the entire audience enthralled.

    I’m not going to go on, because I am of the firm belief that you can’t describe a concert in a way that would be interesting to anyone else to read. But yes, it was worth it. I posted some of my favorite songs yesterday when I forgot there are 31 days in August, not 30. That’s fine.

  • Westward for Westword music fest

    My friend invited me to go to the the Westword Music Showcase this weekend since UW was offering students a great deal. I said ‘yes’ because, you know, I really didn’t have anything better to do and I wanted to see him again. I ended up hanging out with him, his girlfriend, and another couple that he came down with. We ended up being quite the diverse group since they happened to be all international students: He was from Iran, his girlfriend Russia, a Ukrainian girl, and an Argentinean guy. I’m from Nebraska.

    Because this is how I think…A music festival in moments:

    01. First and foremost, it was 100 degrees and sunny the entire concert. Just being in the heat makes me wilt. But somehow, when it gets to be so disgustingly hot like it was, it doesn’t matter anymore. Because everyone’s disgusting and squinty and hot. I remember on the way home thinking I was was so repulsively grimy with sweat, spilled beer, cast-up dirt, and smoke residue that I had probably turned acidic and was burning a filth-hole through my car seat.

    02. My sandals hurt. By the end of the night I was limping along slowly. I am 100% sure that people seeing me swaying, tender-footed across the sidewalk thought I was drunk. (All I had was a sample of cup of hard lemonade).

    03. A couple in front of me while I was in the throng of belligerent concert goers watching Macklemore: The shaved-head male had blazing red eyes and his girl was wearing the a patterned shear shirt (the expensive hippie look was all the rage at this concert) and a light-wash jean skirt that flaired-out and hit the half-way mark of her thigh. The guy repeatedly pinched her bottom.

    04. During the main stage concerts, the air reeked of marijuana. To think, before I came to Colorado I don’t think I would have recognized the smell of weed. Now it’s kind of a “there it is again” situation.

    05. I got separated from the group when I snuck off to see Patrick Dethlefs (more on this later) and ended up watching the two main performances alone (Macklemore & Girl Talk). I often find myself break away from groups when they’re not to my speed (Katie can attest to this when I disappeared for two hours at the British Museum).  I think most people will hold out in order to prevent..say getting lost in Europe without a cell phone…or just dropped from the group in general. But sometimes I’d rather just take in a moment a lone rather than playing my part in the delicate social dance of “Do you want to do this? How do you feel about that? I mean, we don’t have to but...” Is that horrible? Maybe one day I’ll learn.  So these performances mainly consisted of me pretending to dance to music I never heard of next to extremely tall people.

    06. Stopping for lunch at Melita’s Greek Market & Cafe. #GryoInMyMouthPleaseAllGone

    Moments of respite:

    I’m not a picky person. Our group bopped around to venues playing music I didn’t particularly care for and I was fine with that. Could have done that all day, but it was painfully obvious that I was the fifth wheel in the car of dating that I happened to be with. I didn’t recognize anyone in the lineups except for Danielle Ate the Sandwich (primarily because she plays the ukulele and Sarah spotified her to me) and Patrick Dethlefs so I was game for listening to anyone. But through happenstance, I was able to see both of the people I knew perform.

    After standing on our feet alternatively in the hot sun or a stuffy bar all day, I thought, what the heck, I’ll just see the sandwich-eater real quick since we passed her venue earlier. I told the group to swing by on their way back. It was at the Curious Theater and I was greeted by voluptuous velvet curtains and fluffy theater seats. Ahhhh. I had come early even figuring that it was a more like-minded venue, but luckily the duo happened to finish setting up early too. I got to hear three songs before the group came by to sweep me up.

    I enjoyed her music, especially in contrast to the jam band stuff I’d heard for most of the day. But I especially appreciated her sarcastic and witty stage presence. We had lunch with a girl who went to high school with her. Weird.

    After watching Battles and not whole-heartedly enjoying it, slunk away to see Patrick. For a local performer, I think I’ve seen him perform enough times for it to be awkward. Jordan had sent me one of his songs and it takes me a while to really listen to and appreciate music, especially since it’s usually background music while I’m at work. Eventually the stars aligned and I really heard the song that Jordan had sent, Stays the Same. Jordan was like “what I coincidence that you like him, because I’m coming to see him play this Friday and I’m going to be staying at your house in order to do so.” So we watched him play at a free concert with Eye & The Arrow at Illegal Pete’s. It was pretty noisy and besides a table of the bands’ friends, I think Jordan, Sean, and I were the only ones paying attention. I really enjoyed him though. I think that’s how you’re supposed to feel when you go to concerts.

    I saw him again with Sean when he released his new album. I told him he was tremendous. (He was tremendous).

    Then yesterday, when I came into the Rooster & Moon he had already started playing his set. From a perch in the back I just listened. When you’re at a small venue with someone who may or may not recognize you, I always wonder what expression I should have. Should I look happy? Thoughtful? Amused? Should I watch him or pretend to look at something else? I know that I would hate it people were looking at me, but I think it’s kind of his schtick to be  in the limelight.

    I love watching him play. As a terrible ukulele player, the way he makes sounds come out of his guitar is pretttttttty amazing. It’s simple, clear, bright, and beautiful. I my plan was to slink off into the night after he played. And I almost did. But then was like…well, maybe I should tell him that, yes, I still enjoyed his music. I did it. I’m proud of myself for mustering the courage. Although, I have to think he’s tired of it by now.

    So that’s a music fest by Jacklynn Pham. Clearly, I should not be a concert reviewer.

  • I’m probably going to melt

    It’s 95 degrees and we don’t have air conditioning in our apartment. We’re on the top floor and my bedroom is the very crown of the house. I am melting. I do not do well in heat. I wilt. I can’t be productive at all. I open my computer and boot up the design program and stare at it. It stares back at me and we agree that no one will get anything done in this condition. We promise ourselves that the next time it’s this hot we’ll walk down the block to the sanctuary of an air conditioned coffee shop. But now, I’m already too destroyed by heat to let the public see me and my computer agrees.

    The very least I could do is write a little, right?

    On Friday Mary and four of her friends came down for Denver’s Pride Fest and we went out to eat and generally hit the town. It was so nice to see her again! I hadn’t seen Mary in a year, since I graduated pretty much.

    Then on Saturday I stole away to Laramie to see my dear friend Sarah finally since she returned to Laramie. It was so nice to be with someone who just knows you. None of the awkward boat friendships you get when you move to a new city and you’re trying to figure each other out. We had some coffee, played a lot of badminton in the lovely Wyoming weather. It was very low key but wonderful.

    Ok. My brain is too goopy to process anything else. Hope you’re having a lovely father’s day weekend.


  • Hey, Friday

    Some things that made me smile this week.

    01. Grant: “I hate buying registry gifts for weddings. But I don’t really care enough about these people to get creative. So hellooooo huge bowl from Bed, Bath, and Beyond”

    02. Matt continually telling an absolutely tiny black, yorkie puppy named Abraham to be a leader of men and to proliferate at his birthday party. Imagine this–pretty shy–dog just running around dumbly as Matt calls out to him.

    03. Hanging out with Sean, Jordan, Denver, Grant, and Clayton for the Bon Iver/Fiest concert. Specifically:  Hearing about Sean’s fantastic RomCom relationship. Sharing a blanket and excellent spot with the super nice group next to us. Seeing a skunk. A beautiful night. Having breakfast at Jelly the next day.

    04. Perusing the Brass Armadillo with Matt and the shops by Devil’s Food Bakery with Kelly.

    05. This ridiculous dog face.


    Now I just need to see the beautiful Sarah Varca tomorrow to make this week the cream of the crop.

  • 5: A week in pictures


    01. Asian market with Matt to get him some fish for his GAPS diet.

    02. Drawing with my new monoprice tablet. It’s not ok how hilarious I thought this drawing was and how much joy it brought me.

    03. This American Life Live with Sean. (Drawing of my reaction if I won the signed poster).

    04. Work. (Specifically, driving home and the street art that was “installed” this week).

    05. The Lumineers concert at the Bluebird with Sean thanks to Jordan. Amazing show. They’re singing with Sawmiller Joe  who literally sawed off one of his fingers the week before. He showed us the stump.


    (Thanks to instagram for making my photos look better, @jackpham)

  • No, I haven’t done my taxes yet

    Right now I’m nursing a green-white tea blend bleary-eyed at my computer. I fight off illnesses with mass quantities of tea. It usually works. I think I’d be better right now if I hadn’t gone out today. Does that make it ok that I didn’t post anything on Friday?

    On Friday I was helping out with this event (I feel like I could have helped out more, but no one would give me things to do!) and I designed this poster. What do you think?

    It was a great turn out. And I think, yet another first, I didn’t feel like I was a painful wallflower at a party I didn’t really want to be at. I had people visit me and generally spend most of the time with three other lovely people. Most of which I met within the last two weeks…great right?!

    I spent most of the weekend reading. I officially have finished all three books in The Hunger Games. I’m not going to add any additional recommendations to the ones you’ve already heard. There was nothing extremely special about the books, but it was just a good story to absorb myself in.

    I now have a accumulated a backlog of actually exciting things I want to write about…I hope I get to them before they become irrelevant…

    Groggily, Jacklynn


  • Chimneys, ukulele retirment, books, haute couture, and ice cream

    I had such a lovely weekend. Sure I missed my usual 12 hours of sleep a day that I’ve been doing on weekends, but it’s for the best…in the long run. Probably one of the first times since moving here that I felt like I had the right amount of things to do. Have I told you that not being busy stresses me out? 100 times? Well it still does.

    On Friday Jordan impulsively decided to drive down to go to a concert at the Hi-Dive, and being the kind of person who is always open, only too happily agreed to join him. We had a late dinner at City-O-City where Jordan experienced oodon noodles. We then got lost in Stapleton trying to find Wyncoop Brewery, that, yes, is just downtown. The show was really great. As strange as it sounds, I haven’t often been to concerts where I’ve really enjoyed the music and so going to the random tiny shows Jordan takes me to is wonderful because we have similar tastes. It’s fascinating for me to watch them make the sounds. (I sound like I was raised by wolves right now, I know).

    Chimney Choir: really liked ’em.
    Poor Moon: Sounds like Fleet Foxes, Jr. (still good)
    Lost in Trees: I liked them ok too, but by then my feet were killing me and Jordan had to had back to Laradise.

    Saturday was furious blur. I had this rush order from a client before I wanted to head to my first ukulele group meeting that threw my sleep-deprived self off kilter. At 10:30 I realized that the meeting was not at 11:30, but actually, why yes, at 10:30. I came 30 minutes late but all was well. This week’s theme was Punk rock and my favorite songs we played were “Should I stay or should I go?” by the Clash and “River of Dreams” by Billy Joel.

    Let me back up. This was a non-soccer attempt at meeting some new people at in Denver. People in Denver that share my interests, like we talked about. I arrived into the hip Swallow Hill Music School with much mixed anticipation. I was a little worried that, instead of future fun-loving silly cohorts all just-out-of-college-and-lost I would be greeted by angry hipsters mad that I can’t play or sing. As a clamored down the stairs thinking of various excuses for my tardiness I was met with a group that met neither of my expectations. They were out of college…but they were also retired. Sigh. I think that says a lot about how relevant my interest are. I have no idea how to be youthful.

    After our strum along was over I made  a mad dash to the library for my first day volunteering!  I was so excited I put my badge on in the car. And I also wore it in Mad Greens, where I grabbed a quick lunch. I saw the cashier read it. I’m pretty sure he was in awe of how cool I was.

    Volunteering was so great. Being in the library was so great. (“great,” known for being such a descriptive word…)I think it might be my favorite place in all of Denver. I just keep imagining diving in the books forever and ever. It just feels like where I want to be. I was training with another girl who seemed really cool (we might go to a screening of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers together, Sarah! And Jane Powell will be there! How’dya like them apples?). All the people I met were bright, sweet, and a little bit sassy.

    Check out this view from the seventh floor staff lounge(!):

    RIGHT?! Ok, not the best picture, but if you get to do the whole 360 degrees thing, it’s pretty nifty. We’re right on Broadway.

    Some how, afterwards I still had the energy to go thrifting with Matt to replenish my wardrobe that I’ve out-chubbed. Ugg.

    Ok, at the risk of making a too-long post that no one will read anyway, I rounded off today by going to the Denver Art Museum with two of my friends to see the Yves Saint Laurent exhibition. Not being particular to fashion, I still really loved it. At some point it becomes less about fashion and more about incredible design and impeccable taste. Plus, Laurent pretty much invented women’s fashion. There was a world without peacoats!! Who would have thought? Afterwards I treated myself to a little ice cream with Nick. Mmm, ice cream.


  • 5: Things in the works

    01. Going up to Laramie today for Jordan’s birthday. Jordan and his multitude of bands will be having silly concerts.

    02. Going to the CBCA Business for the Arts Awards next week.

    03.  Attending the incredible graphic designer Aaron Draplin‘s lecture next week.

    04. Very sure that I will be attending Denver’s Uke Fest when Laura and her friend visit me in May.

    05. Just got tickets for the Feist/Bon Iver concert at Red Rocks in May as well!!