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  • 5: Days this week


    I wouldn’t be surprised if you forgot that this is a post series I try to maintain because it’s been so long.

    Today was my first week back over winter break, it’s 9:40 and I’m still on campus. It is my last semester and I can feel myself trying to squeeze every last bit of knowledge out of this school because I’ve been in such turmoil trying to decide what classes to take. Not only is there a fight to take the best classes, but there is this time constraint of not having enough.

    I made a pact with myself last semester that I wouldn’t stress myself out so much. Even choosing in which way not to stress myself out turned out to be stressful. The best solution, it turned out was just to take everything. It always is, isn’t it? Here are the classes I want to take and why (in the order of how they occurred throughout the week:

    Transition design, being taught by some wonderful professors in the design program. Talking about bridging the design in the already occurring the world and especially this complex present to a more sustainable future.

    Prototyping for interactions is a course taught by a visiting professor this year. It looks really fun, interesting, and challenging. And like anything that is those three things, it will also be very time consuming. In this class we would learn how to design physical prototypes for interaction from design to implementation. It involves modeling, Aurdino, processing, 3d printing, and solidworks. Yikes!

    Service Design. I was on the fence about going into this class because I had already done some reading about it and have tried to infuse it into the way I work, but the professor was just so great and was pulling out such wonderful insights that it seemed like too good of an experience to miss.

    Designing for social complexity was a class that was offered today that covers…well, its pretty explanatory what it tries to cover and the real feat is actually learning to navigate it.  I originally signed up for it, but I already knew I was over my head so I ended up so I didn’t go. But my classmates floated out of the 4-hour session in love with the class and it makes me so wistful. A huge part of me just wishes that I could attend design lecture after design lecture and soak it all in.

    Calligraphy II. If you met the professor, you’d know I was making the right decision.

    And of course, if you remember, I’m also teaching again this semester. But it’s my last semester!

    ::all the clocks explodes and iCal melts off the screen::

    Hope your new year is going splendidly!

  • 5: Classes I would love to take

    Are you tired of me talking about school yet?

    01| A grammar class. I’ve been dying to since I’ve been in high school, but it’s never been offered! The first and last formal training I’ve had in grammar was in third grade and I feel like Mrs. Brown didn’t go very deep. Unless you count “Daily Oral Language,” which I don’t.  (It’s when you check 2 sentences for grammar every day). You can tell, can’t you?

    02| Personal finance. I took an economics class in high school and thought it was so fun and interesting. My law and government economics class is a start, but we’re focusing on policy.

    03| Linguistics. One of my favorite classes I ever took. I took it my freshman year at Truman State where they actually have a linguistics major. Here at UW there are only 2 linguistics classes and I’ve never been able to take them. Linguistic is a fascinating, you learn so much about your language, everyone else’s language, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they made it a requirement if you’re majoring in a foreign language.

    04| Drawing II\Life Drawing. After having a conniption about having to take Drawing I (because I’ve never really drawn before), I ended up really liking it. Especially doing portraits. This is a semi-obtainable goal, but I don’t anticipate having room in my schedule next semester since they’ve added a new graphics class. I also really just want to take life drawing (drawing people), but I think drawing II is a prereq.

    05| Eastern literature. UW requires that you take “diversity” course. But by diversity they mean African America, Chicano, Native American, and women. I learn about the western world 24/7, come on! The religious studies department just got an eastern religious teacher, there’s a start  (I was the Philosophy & Religious studies office aid last year) .

    What class would you love to take if you could?

    p.s. Never stop learning

  • 5: Classes

    Are you getting a lot of back to school commercials on the television? Well, here’s some more in your face.

    My classes next semester:

    01| Economic Law & Government. We have a “Wyoming government” requirement which I loath to think about. This fulfills it without having to learn about Wyoming too much. Plus, I think economics is interesting.

    02| Graphic Design II. I desperately need more training.

    03| Scottish Literature. [Insert Carissa screaming “SCO-ISH LI-ER-A-ER!” in a quasi-Scottish accent]

    04| Writing for the Web. For my professional writing minor.

    05| Senior Seminar. So that I know how to be an English major in the world.

    Coming Soon: Carissa at Safeway: A love story.