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  • It’s not “goodbye”

    ….it’s “until we meet again.”

    So all last week I was actually in Laramie and had scheduled those posts in advance. I’m tricky like that.

    But before I talk about that, first: your Monday movie, which I didn’t get to post because I was on the road yesterday.

    By the way, the drive was the worst ever. I drove into a tornado storm warning county where I had to stop until the warning expired and then drove through a severe thunderstorm for 4   h o u r s.

    Some of the lovely things I did while in Laramie:

    01 | Watched Hello, Dolly! with Sarah, Carissa, and Katie. The cutest, dopiest, and campiest musical I have ever seen–which is saying a lot–but, it was also deliciously wonderful because sometimes that’s exactly what you need in the world. It’s the musical that Wall-E is watching.

    02 | Went to Beartree Tavern & Cafe to see live music. If you’re ever in Centennial, you’ll have to go to this bar. It’s a little gem in the tiny town.

    {Picture of my friend took on their cellphone of me dancing with Sarah. Priceless. The Lonesome Heroes are playing in this picture}

    03 | Nothing like  a good old-fashioned game of Balderdash. Carissa and I won, probably because we’re roommates and pretty much think the same now. There was a little Boggle tossed in there too. I met even more nice people during the game, only one weekend before leaving. Why are all the best people you meet hiding until you leave a place? Anne, James, Connor, Brendon, and Sam: hope you all have a wonderful year where ever you may be!

    04 | A lot of ukulele playing. I am really addicted to my little uke. Here’s one of the songs I learned to play, though not nearly as well as Aunt Vi:

    05 | Saying “until we meet again” to these lovely people. (If you’re in Laramie and haven’t tried the berry cake at Turtle Rock, it’s a must. One of the best cakes I’ve ever eaten. And I brought a Lithuanian torte with me!)

    {From left to right: Carissa–China, Sarah–France, Bob–Spain, Katie–England, Jacklynn–Portland!?}

    06 | Finally all moved out of my apartment. Whew!

    Onto the next adventure!

  • Oh goodness, here we go

    Alright, have I been the worst blogger? Yes, and I’m sorry. But graduating, packing, cleaning, and saying good-byes is a bit more time consuming than I would have imagined. Let’s see if I can play a little catch up:

    02 | PASSED MY THESIS DEFENSE (and revisions!) and presented my research at UW Undergraduate Research Day. Although I was scared, blinky, and felt unprepared, it actually went over really well and I got to here all my lovely peers’ research too. Bob, Courtney, Chris (who’s group won best senior design project)…Way to go everyone!

    02 | Laramie: A Gem City Atlas opening reception was May 2nd. If you’re in Laramie, it’ll be up until June 18th at the University of Wyoming Art Museum. You should check it out. Here is a digital version of the map I made, but I assure you the print version is different. And you’d be missing all the other wonderful work by the other participants.

    03 | Ummm…so I graduated! BA in English, with honors. Minors in Graphic Design and Professional Writing. Cum lada. I’m going to miss the English department!!!

    04 | Movies watched (or re-watched): The Invention of Lying (I really liked this one!), Black Swan, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog (always good), Rio (probably a little too cheesy for me, or I wasn’t in the right mood), and Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

    05 | Our lease ends May 31st so Carissa and I have been packing and cleaning like mad to get ready. Of course we had to listen to some dance music to cope with our plight:

    06 | I traveled home on Saturday listening to Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt on audio book. Have I told you how much I love listening to that particular audiobook? It’s a lot. (And what better way to celebrate earning an English degree by listening to one of my favorite English majors?)

    07 | In the works: I’m working on a logo for HealthBreak that’s been really fun. I’m also soooo close to redesigning this blog…maybe June.

    08 | Really enjoying this 5-year diary I bought. My first entry was on graduation day, for obvious reasons. Won’t it be nice next year when I get to see what I was doing a year ago. And then in five years?! That’s kind of unimaginable to me right now.

    09 | Planning on running away to Portland with Katie. I just need to find a job first.

    10 | Bought a new ukulele, case, and chromatic tuner. Impulsive? Maybe.

    Here’s a picture of Sarah playing the ukulele during open mic night at Coal Creek. She is truly wonderful, talented, and lovely. Gosh darn it!

  • Falling down mountains

    (aka snowboarding)

    Carissa was a bonafide CHAMP!

    Whereas I spent most of the trip in a variety of these positions. Hey, I’m not athletic and I was still tired from finals week! Going down mountains is scary!

  • Give a hoot, don’t pollute!

    Our costumes for Halloween: an owl, a tree, and an eyeball.

    I made my costume myself, if you couldn’t tell. My friend Sarah, costume designer extraordinaire, helped me with the pattern, and then I sewed it together. The hood is a Jacklyn original though. The shoes are dyed yellow :)

    (Carissa took the second one and she had no idea how to change the color settings)

  • Princess C’s birthday!

    {more on this later ;) }

  • Exactly one week ago…

    Ok, I said I would talk about the Scots fest I went to for my Scottish literature class, so here it goes:

    01| Beautiful drive to Estes Park down I-287

    02| Elk all over the parking lot…

    03| Lovely lake across from the festival

    04| Cool Scottish band called “Abennach”

    05| Our fair lady Carissa, triumphantly drinking some freshly squeezed lemonade (2 for $5!)

    06| Sheep herding!

    07| Jousting, which I hear isn’t even Scottish

    08| Caber toss. Why not?

    09| An old clan playing some tuneskies

    My favorite part? I got to pet a corgi!

    And Carissa and I could not stop laughing at this hobo corgi. I think it’s owner was put off by it, in fact.

  • The brightest star in all of Safeway-Laramie

    It is a dark and stormy night. It’s a mild mid-afternoon in Laramie and Carissa & I head to Safeway for our back-to-school grocery shopping. Our weekly trips are usually painfully slow and expensive, so it is a given that this one will be knee-buckling.

    I am dressed in my normal summer frump, while next to me, Carissa is a vision to behold. We meander up and down the aisle for hours, sometimes together, sometimes splitting up when both a dairy product and a carbohydrate are required simultaneously.

    With a heavy cart, we are finally ready to purchase our goods.

    Alas! What’s this?!

    A shy Safeway lad humbly taps upon the nymph’s shoulder. She is confused; did she drop something?

    A flower? A note? Love?

    The note– scribbled hastily, with passion, on the torn corner of the Safeway weekly specials–reads:

    Your very beautiful
    you should call me

    Doesn’t the lack of punctuation and the letter “e” make it simply poetic?

  • 5: Classes

    Are you getting a lot of back to school commercials on the television? Well, here’s some more in your face.

    My classes next semester:

    01| Economic Law & Government. We have a “Wyoming government” requirement which I loath to think about. This fulfills it without having to learn about Wyoming too much. Plus, I think economics is interesting.

    02| Graphic Design II. I desperately need more training.

    03| Scottish Literature. [Insert Carissa screaming “SCO-ISH LI-ER-A-ER!” in a quasi-Scottish accent]

    04| Writing for the Web. For my professional writing minor.

    05| Senior Seminar. So that I know how to be an English major in the world.

    Coming Soon: Carissa at Safeway: A love story.

  • Still here!

    Carissa came to visit yesterday and I’ve been bustling around with my math class and thinking about graduate school. Sorry.

    Look at some of the cute souvenirs she got me.

    {Left: cute chicken notebook, handmade!; Right: Magnets}

    And she also picked up some graphic design magazines for me. This one had some neat ads.

    Here are some neat Alka Seltzer ads. {click to enlarge}

    And look at this novel idea of a necklace. I love how this person looked at something simple in a new way.

  • Welcome back, Carissa!

    My roommate, good friend, and person-extraordinaire, Carissa, is arriving today after a two-month long study abroad in China!

    America missed you, Princess C!

    Here are some of your other friends who wanted to welcome you back:

    Carissa with her beau, Daniel Craig. On a beach.

    Carissa & Kermit the frog, celebrating her birthday.

    …lets not forget the weird day Carissa spent on Morgan Freeman’s head.

    my funny cat by ~SplinterKid on deviantART

    And finally, all the cats that she likes to make fun of.