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  • Finally rested and recharged

    Well, mostly.

    Are you always terribly disappointed when I miss a Friday 5? Because it usually means I actually did something away from the computer so you should be happy for me!

    Last week was a week of doing stuff and not one of my usual slugging around. Here are five things I did last week:

    01. Matt’s very charming childhood friend came to visit on Wednesday and stayed the night in our apartment. I got to hear about some of the most adorable stories of the dynamic duo.

    02. On Thursday I joined Matt on a guided shamanic mediation to find our spirit animals. Yeah. That. I’m probably calling it the wrong was great get-together at Crystal’s house and I got to meet a bunch of Matt’s classmates. I was really excited to try to meditate and find out what my spirit animal was…but of course I wasn’t able to do it. I think too much.

    03. During all of these other things, I was also developing/designing a website for the Youth Media Studio thing I showed you earlier. It was so much fun but also a lot of late nights. I feel really privileged to be part of the project.

    04. On Friday Jordan, Dan, and Brendon came down from Laramie and it was a lot of fun. Jordan went to a concert at the Hi-Dive with his friend and Brendon, Dan, and Matt came with me to the Devotchka and Colorado Symphony performance (dress rehearsal) at the Colorado Performing Arts Center I was invited to for working on the YMS project. So good!! We had a lot of fun.

    05. Afterwards we all convened at our apartment and lingered around. Eventually it lead into a late-night game of Sardines involving blindfolds and our tiny apartment. It was the first time I’ve ever heard of or played that game, but I really enjoyed it. I’m pretty sure our neighbors really did not enjoy it.

    Let the record show that I only had 2.5 hours of sleep the night before and I was still  the one willing to stay up the latest. Jacklynn for the win!

  • 5: Friends

    I didn’t have a Friday 5 because I was hanging out with these jokers over the weekend. Ross, Brendon, Jordan, Matt (you know all about him), and Dan. Some of my favorite people!

    They came down from Laramie to go to the Icelandic/Red Rocks concert, but it ended up not working out and they were nice enough to come anyway. It was so great to see them all! Don’t think I could describe how refreshing the experience was if I tried.

    These were taken with my crappy camera. But the sentiment is still there.

    Matt was able to use some creative finagling in order to get us all in to this picture…

    Should I tell you about this weekend? I feel like it would just be a bunch of boring friendship talk to the lay person.

  • Hello, 2012

    So how are you? Did you survive the New Year’s alright? I know I certainly had a great time. Before I start off, a couple of things:

    01. Shucks, I missed the Friday 5 yesterday, but I didn’t have internet. So I don’t feel too bad.

    02. I’m going to really try to take some more time and write well and more creatively instead of just lists. Does that mean lists are going away? Never. My  mind is nothing but filing cabinets of lists.

    03. I just ate a Lindt chocolate that fell on the floor and rolled about 2 feet away, just in case you ever got the impression that I’m classier than I am.

    Me, Kim, Jordan, Jordan, Sarah, and Katie

    Thanks to sneaky scheduled posts, I have actually been in Laramie for the last week because my dear friends Sarah & Katie were back from France and England, respectively, for the holidays. To say that I was happy to see them and that I had a great time doesn’t due it justice. Not by a long shot. These people, and several others, are just so wildly special to me. They are all fun, charming, smart, witty, and kind as you please.

    Since Katie and I were drifters in the city, we were jointly hosted by Sarah’s lovely family and The Bishop-Mount estates while we were there. I couldn’t possibly list all the things we did. In fact, I didn’t even take pictures because I knew I would be soaking up the good company every second. Luckily, there’s this new-fangled thing called “Facebook” that my friends use.

    We had some late-night, back-alley pizza parties. This I think was our first night in Laramie and it was marvelous, simply marvelous. Our giant, boisterous group dominated Front Street.

    Some obnoxious group huddles in the middle of New Year’s Eve parties.

    Music. Specifically ukulele playing. We had four ukulele players and two guitarist and a whole-lot of screaming.

    Seriously, a lot of music-playing. This is Jordan and me practicing “She Don’t Use Jelly.”

    It was great to be myself completely. To be as loud and silly as I want to be with people who don’t even notice. How did I get so lucky? Katie is heading back to England today and Sarah trooped back east to France last Thursday morning. The only thing that was missing was our dear Carissa. But we know she had a great holiday with her mother. I’m very jealous. I can honestly say, Carissa, you were not forgotten. We would periodically lament that you weren’t there and make wishes that you were.

    Obligatory list:

    • 01. Loved my laser-cat and magic eye book from Grant, my secret Santa.
    • 02. Was pleased as a peach to give Chris his gift, a set of pipes and holders. Friendship pipes.
    • 03. Adored giving Tally her gift: a square of carpet with that I rubbed bacon into.
    • 04. Coconut coffee à la Dan. Our deep love of coconut has brought me, Dan, and coffee so close.
    • 05. Way too much lion costume fun.
    • 06. Family portraits
    • 07. Lingering.
    • 08. Just Dance. Hobo version where you just play them on YouTube.
    • 09. A very heartfelt present form Kim, Sarah, and Katie.
    • 10. The Triplets of Belleville. A really crazy animated French film. Carissa, you’d like it.
    • 11. Watching Sarah (and Brendon) play at Open Mic Night.

    Back to the real world.

    All the best,

  • Stories to tell, stories to live

    Almost didn’t make it, did I? But huzzah! A movie! Last Saturday I went up to see Mr. Ira Glass, as you all know. He was simply lovely. I can’t imagine being excited about an actor/actress or band, but I was completely in awe of Ira. That’s me.

    His lecture, like this video, talked about storytelling in the context of how NPR makes such compelling stories. But it was so much more. You had to be there :). We’re best friends now. (Check out this typographic rendition of his lecture here).

    And in course, since I was in Laramie, I got to hang out with the Laramie Crew:

    Gosh, I like these people.

    And Dan’s faithful companion, Tally (aka Aslan):

    Yup. I used my graphic design education to do this. No regrets.