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  • My best friend Igor

    When I was six or seven, there was a boy in my class that already looked like a 30 year old young professional. He had fluffy blond hair that stuck up evenly so that it looked like he had styled it, silver glasses, and was always dressed in tiny adult outfits: When I think of him, I picture him in fall-colored corduroy pants, a light blue button-down shirt, and and a deep pine tree green sweater vest. Howie was the first young person I’d met that wore a sweater vest. Igor, roughly 11 years later, was the second.

    Igor’s birthday was this week and I thought it would be fun to do a feature article on him. You know, like I how I said hearing someone tell you about their best friend is a good way to get to know someone.


    How did you meet?

    For my freshman year I went to a small, public university in Missouri. I lived the biggest dorm. During the first months there were activities for freshman and college kids to meet other people. Just a few doors down the hall from me there were four boys, Jeff, Sean, Igor, and Nate. I met Sean & Jeff first in the cafeteria, and they introduced me to their friend from high school, Igor, and his roommate Nate.

    What was your first impression of them?

    Since my first contact into the group was Jeff and Sean, I tended to lump Igor and Nate together. They seemed much more calm. [Slash], they seemed to both sleep a lot. I didn’t know this at the time, but Igor is a night owl and so would end up sleeping in pretty late. From my impression, it just seemed like he was asleep for half of the day. But Igor would more frequently hang out than than Nate so I got to know him better. Igor is very tall, was always well-dressed, deliberate in action, and soft-spoken. His hair was longer than it is today. It was a dark brown shaggy hair cut that hung over his forehead and curled around his ears.

    What stood out to you about them?

    Igor is exceedingly kind and well-mannered. This demeanor continues to stands out when compared to all the people I’ve met, but it is radiantly clear when compared to other 18-year-old dudes. While other guys I met were kind of fidgety, teasing, concerned with being cool, and had a hard laugh they used to assert themselves and let everyone know they had no feelings—Igor was a calm water. He would ask about my day, we would have conversations, he would say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’…A bunch of small considerations that I hadn’t really experienced before from a peer. I can’t emphasize enough how rare it is (for me at the very least) for someone to actually be as polite and sincere as Igor is naturally. He’s not doing something extreme, but he’s just reliably a thoughtful person.

    I remember over one long weekend when one my roommates were away and I was sick. I was laying in bed, and someone knocked at my door. I didn’t really want to see anyone. I can’t remember how it played out exactly anymore, but Igor communicated with me through the door that he had brought tissues if I needed them. I didn’t. I think I had a cough or a head ache and didn’t actually need them.

    “Ok, let me know if you need anything.”

    I waited until heard him walking off and after a while, I quietly opened the door and peered down the hall. It was empty, he’d already gone back to his room.

    This was a completely foreign interaction to me. It was like something you see in movies that I had never experienced before. Someone is sick. Friend offers them help. I wasn’t even that close to Igor. I asked him about it last week and he didn’t remember it at all. Probably because he did it without thinking or wanting something in return. That’s the kind of person Igor is.

    How did you become good friends?

    By the end of they year, the five of us plus my roommate Laura were hanging out pretty regularly. We would play Super Smash Brothers on their Wii pretty regularly. I got text messaging on my cell phone halfway through the year so they would actually ask me to meals. Despite getting closer, I ended up transferring schools at the end of the year.

    We planned trips as a group to go to Chicago that summer (Igor refused to go/was in Israel). The next year I visited them over spring break. The year after I came in the summer. But it was always kind of as a group unit. With very occasional conversations in between. I kept in touch with Igor the most because we could talk about design programs every now and then. He would call me on my birthday.

    I graduated from the University of Wyoming and was living in Denver. During his birthday phone in the summer of 2012 we caught up and he told me he was going to New York to look at a school. I invited myself because I was kind of interested in moving there. We talked a lot leading up to the event, which was different. Ever since then we just stayed in touch. He’s become one of the most important people in my life. There was about a four month overlap when we both lived in New York pretty close to each other and we ended up hanging out really regularly to just wander around the city. He can make me laugh more than almost any other person. He’s always interesting to talk to and I never get annoyed. He’s a good person.


    Hope you have a good birthday year, Igz. 


  • I would never forget about you.


  • To Princess Carissa on her most auspicious day

    Because it’s already October 11th in China.

    You’re really too good for words.

    Come back to America soon. We miss you, love you, and your cats are in poor health.

  • I’m not afraid to look like a dork for my friends

    because I like ’em so much.

    The most beautiful of birthdays, Carissa. You’re in a new place having probably some of the most exciting times you will have in your entire life. I hope you enjoy every moment of it—good or bad. I hope you never change and I hope you transform. You are an amazing person and I hope you see yourself the way we all do.

    And stuff.

    I’m sorry that I know this could be so much better. But I’ll sacrifice myself on the alter of friendship for you:

  • Tuesday has never been so metal

    To the person who is more happy being himself than anyone I know.

    May only good things happen to you :)

    And, against my better judgement, here’s this:

    Happy birthday, Evan!

    Love, Jacklynn

    Ps. And happy birthday to the ever-cheerful Susannah as well.

  • To my big brother:

    ////////////////////////// The most adventurous person I know.
    ////////// Always mediating within our disgruntled family.
    ///////////////////////////////// Thanks for driving me to St. Louis that one time.
    /////// (You thought I was sleeping, but I heard you say that I was “a good kid”)
    /////////////////// And thanks for inventing all of the most fun games when we were little.
    /////// You’re an all around good guy.

  • No coconut custard, but still a good day

    I was a bit disappointed, but it didn’t spoil my ice cream date with my childhood friend, Julia. I mean, if you’re hanging out with a childhood pal, how can you not have fun? Besides, I’m getting a bit obsessed about this ice cream.

    Plus, I finally got my new uke! I’m over the moon for it!

    (sorry for the weird picture, I took it in photo booth and cropped it to hide as much of my room as possible)

    And then Evan took me to La Casa for pizza. Mmm, so good! It’s my favorite place to get pizza, right behind Zio’s. Maybe even tied if I think about it more…I’ll have to go to Zio’s soon and find out. But we got our favorite, hamburger, and then we tried the scrumptious margarita pizza, which I think is the perfect summer pizza. They have this delicious thin crust and excellent homemade sauce.

    La Casa’s been around since the 1950’s and their sign is now a historic marker so 1) they’re not allowed to change it 2) they have to keep it turned on if the store is open. Apparently a couple years back it got damaged by a storm and they had to spend a lot of money restoring it.

    Evan and I are both dorks and talk about graphic design all the time. Evan adores the La Casa design: the typography and the little guy (“Peppi”). Personally, I really like the type and I think the figure is quaint for it’s time. Most of all, we both agree that we like it because it’s special. It’s not just that  ultra-thin all-lower-case typography that’s so en vogue right now.

    My mom also took me to see Guys & Dolls at the Omaha Community Playhouse. That was really fun! I’ve never seen that musical before and my mother’s never been to the theater at all. She said she might want to maybe go to another play too, possibly, which in mom-talk is as close to “I loved it!” as it gets. (Yes, living at home is killing my spirit a throwing a giant wet blanket over my optimism).

    And today I traded my Trek 820 mountain bike for a Schwinn Tourist hybrid bike. I’m so excited to take it out biking, but the weather is looking pretty grim today.  My Trek is actually a bit nicer and worth more than the Schwinn, but it wasn’t working for the road biking I was doing. I know this isn’t impressive to most people, but I road for an hour and half yesterday on our trail in Papillion and I was really proud of myself!

    No luck in the finding a job. My future is only just starting to come into focus. But I’m just hoping to enjoy this summer.

  • Princess C’s birthday!

    {more on this later ;) }

  • Quotes: 21st Birthday

    A little late, but still welcome…

    Jeff: Are you going to the bars at midnight tonight?
    Me: Ha, no. I’m going to finish a cross stitch pattern :)
    Jeff: But you can already legally cross stitch!

    >>This was on my birthday card which I thought was perfect:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    You are awkward,
    we are too.

  • My birthday eve

    21 (mostly impossible) Birthday Wishes

    01. A new ukulele.
    One not made of particle board like my Makala. (Dolphin fretboard still ok).

    02. A hedgehog.
    It would have to be a secret pet though because the cold, cold heart of my landlord allows for no pets. Why a hedgehog? It’s seems like one of the most low-maintenance pets that’s still portable! Plus they’re cute!

    03. An Amazon Kindle.
    I have been too close to ordering one in the past. I’ve been coveting them for over a year now. I need one in my life.

    04. A sunny day.
    “Good day, sunshine.”

    05. Manual Typewriter(s).
    I have one and I would love more. I’ve used it for an art project and it was beautiful. Everything is more important when it’s typed with a typewriter. Unfortunately, mines a little more business-looking than I’d like.It’s from 1954! My computer won’t be around that long.

    06. A fuel-efficient car.
    I feel like my graphic design classes make me go on odd errands constantly and at odd hours of the day. Evan’s loosing his patience.

    07. A Polaroid camera.
    I’ve been drawn to them for as long as I can remember. I vividly remember holding a $7 Polaroid SX-70 in my hands willing myself to have a reason to buy one. Now, One Pearl Button has rekindled my love of shapely cameras. Regrets!

    08. Scanner.
    Again, for graphic design. And also for my future Polaroid camera.

    09. Vietnamese Sesame balls.
    So good. So wrong. So right!

    10. More time!
    There is always too many things I want to do! Also, that watch is pretty cute too.

    11. macbook.
    My little HP Pavillion is puttering out. Plus I wanted a Mac to begin with. Curse poverty!

    12. Graphic design supplies.
    I have a sticker maker pictured, but would also like to have eyelets, the eyelet tool thing, a vinyl cutter, an awesome printer, a wide format printer, and oh, I don’t know, a screen printer.

    13. Also, a sunlit studio for all my awesome supplies.

    14. A new tennis racket.
    Ok, maybe I don’t need a new tennis racket, maybe I just need to get better. I just want tennis.

    15. New glasses.
    Mine are boring me. ::yawn::

    16. A way to visit my friends instantly.
    Specifically the ones in Omaha, NE and Kirksville, MO. And when I’m not in school, the ones in Laramie, WY. >>By the way, I’m sooo excited to see my friends from Truman State University this Tuesday!

    17. Motivation to exercise.
    Besides my dad calling me fat.

    18. A new apartment which is magically decorated in all the things I like.
    Which is basically a combination of Ikea and thrifted things.

    19. A Tripod.
    I’m ridiculously bad at taking pictures. Part of it is my inability to hold a camera still, even when my elbows are perched on large boulders.

    20. A roomba.
    It’s like a cute little pet that cleans! Awww.

    21. And a 21-27 inch refurbished iMac.
    The lab computers have spoiled me, I want a bigger screen. For the 20 windows I have  up at a time.

    Please note: The images I used are not mine.