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  • Savory sweet potato & chickpea wraps

    I was complaining to a friend this week about how all the vegetarian recipes I’ve made recently taste people who are diets trying to pretend they’ve made something good. Christy was surprised to hear this because she’s started cooking vegan this year and has had some really delicious recipes.

    Me: please share your secrets with me!

    Christy: Vegan thanksgiving wraps from Minimalist Baker.


    It was so good. It tasted like flavors! It’s the best thing I’ve cooked in a really long time. It also looks really fancy, but isn’t complicated. I feel like I know more about how flavors work now.

    My initial thoughts when I scanned the recipe 1) I was worried that it would be sweet because I saw sweet potatoes, cranberries, and cinnamon (which I associate with cinnamon-sugar, I guess) and 2) that it would be time consuming (though you don’t have to make your own flatbread).

    But then, Christy has never advised me poorly before and: we’re always scrambling to optimize our time, but for what? So we can spend more time staring at our computers? Pish-posh. Let’s do it!

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  • I’m a weird pancake for design. #AaronDraplin

    Wait. Let me explain. I made pancakes for lunch celebrating Matt’s return to the rocky mountains and—because of the ridiculous combination of our mild food intolerances—I cooked up these vegan pancakes substituting soymilk for  rice milk because Matt is slightly intolerant of nuts. They turned out a little weird: They were super feathery and delicate. They were sticky and spongy. You poured syrup over them and it instantly disappeared into the recesses of the cake leaving nothing but a ghost of it’s presence. It was a Sham-WOW of pancakery.

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