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  • Pinapples & Turtles

    Last week I was went to the Hawaiian island of Maui. Three weeks ago, I couldn’t even list all the islands. It was a bit of a whim, but I took the time to both learn a little more about Hawaii and do some of my favorite things.

    With help from Fodor’s Maui (2016), lots of internet and youtube searches, and Unfamiliar Fishes to keep me informed, we were off.

    I’ve always been more of a mountain person than a beach person, but I feel like when you’re on the west close, you’re pretttty close to Hawaii so you might as well pop over. I’m not saying we a did a great job, I’m just saying these are the things we did:

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  • I’m sorry, for you and me

    10511458_10100626418709313_366019180348258874_oSo sometimes I disappear for a while and the come crawling back humbly. But this time I feel like I have a pretty good excuse besides the typical lack-of-time squeaky-wheel chatter that you’re used to. My computer is broken. If you’re like “didn’t you just get the hard drive replaced?” Then you’re right, I did. But this time it’s the logic board for $550. Regardless of whether I do decide to fix it or get a new computer, it’s going to have to wait until I go back to the United States.   So sorry I haven’t been keeping you updated and posting more pictures, but I’ve been working early and late and leaving on the weekends. Here’s one picture of my weekend in Lake Como, in Italy (in addition to the dog one above). 10541443_10100626420336053_9111281077574226664_o Read more

  • 32 Hours, currywurst, and a marabou

    On Thursday, after a arriving at 7:30 back in Zürich and a one hour nap, I groggily set off for a half day of work. I was walking down the surprisingly-orderly cobble stone path. It wasn’t one of those refreshing naps where you wake up energized. It was like I had a sleepy cloud on my back.

    And yet…

    I couldn’t help by smile.

    I was walking down the sidewalks of Zürich after going to Nairobi and Berlin. In one week I had been in three different countries (four if you count my connection in Turkey) and after 32 hours of commuting, layovers, and flights,  I was now back for the second half of my internship in Europe. How did I get so lucky?

    I’ll start in the beginning.


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  • 5: fotos von Wien

    wien1 wien2 wien3 wien4 wien5


    A great weekend was had, many sights seen, and it was nice getting to know Pablo better! Until next time :)

    1. Stephansplatz
    2. Brazilian festival in Karlsplatz
    3. Hofburg Palace
    4. Vienna Rathaus/city hall
    5. Schönbrunn Palace
  • 5(+) Places for the summer


    I told my co-workers I wanted to go to Prague for the long weekend and they scoffed at me for not seeing enough of Zurich first. I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job of seeing the city and nearby landmarks. But they’re in Zurich indefinitely, whereas I have one summer. So I have some decisions to make.

    So, I’m not going to Prague, that’s too far and too expensive. But after work, I decided to buy tickets to Vienna and visit a friend. I leave in an hour.

    Here are the other places I want to go:


    1. Berlin, Germany (next weekend)
    2. Nairobi, Kenya (surprise trip next week!)
    3. Basel, Switzerland (for the Art Basel)
    4. Ticino, Switzerland (to visit the Italian canton and hike in this beautiful river valley I saw pictures of)
    5. Zermatt, Switzerland (to see the Matterhorn–I love the mountains)
    6. Dublin, Ireland (since the intern summit was abruptly rescheduled to Zurich)
    7. Münich, Germany
    8. Ingolstadt, Germany
    9. Prague, Czech Republic
    10. Geneva, Switzerland (by way of Bern)
    11. TDB, Croatia (my brother and sister have gone, have to keep the family tradition alive)

    Pictured above are the Rheinfalls.

  • I’ve got a ticket to ride

    Sorry, still traveling. I made a quick road trip back down to Denver for an interview (!) and spent the night with the too-kind Susan. Alas, we could only stay one night so that I can drive home. I hope to go home either tomorrow or Friday for sure. It’s been an awesome two weeks+! I feel a bit happier and ready for another round of job-applying-for drudgery.

    In the meantime, enjoy this video Evan showed me. I hope you’re a Beatles fan!