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  • 5: Things I did over spring break (so far)

    For the past week I’ve been on spring break, I stayed in Pittsburgh to rest and it has been so wonderful. But the week is almost over and back to school on Monday I go!


    1. I finished 2 books and started two more. (So happy)
    2. Got brunch with two friends and saw 12 Years a Slave. It was very good, but so intense I don’t think I could watch it again.
    3. Did Zumba for the first time ever! And then did it two more times. It’s so ridiculous, the most absurd situation I can imagine people putting themselves in on a weekly basis. But it was so fun and I want to try to keep doing it (CMU has classes for students)! I have to brush the cobwebs off my hips and stop making scared faces while I’m doing it, but I’ll get there :)
    4. Had lunch with two other friends at Dalphne Cafe, a super cute Mediterranean/Turkish place.
    5. Have been scouring the internet looking for a place to stay during the summer. Probably the least fun thing I’ve been doing, but I’m so stressed out about it, it doesn’t even feel like a chore. I think I spend I’ve spent a couple hours every day this week. Eep! Send good vibes, guys.

    My Veggie Kofta at the Dalphne. I don’t usually take food pictures, but this was too cute. I also got Turkish tea, and it was very delicious (I usually drink green tea)

    I still want to go to the Phipps Conservatory and practice taking pictures today (hopefully).  Then it’s truly back to grading papers, homework, and late nights. Le sigh.

    However, I am ridiculously excited for the summer. I’ll tell you about it soon!

  • All smiles

    I’m back in civilization!

    Had a blast on my spring break trip! So much happened it’s hard to say it all. I loved the canyoneering, struggled through the backpacking, and most importantly met some amazing new people! I already miss them!

    Our leaders: Jake, Chris, and Logan. (top right picture)
    Fearless. Fun. Hilarious. And saved our lives every two seconds.

    Some happenin’ people: Mary, Sophie, Hannah, Sven, Kate, Carissa, Evan, and Matt.
    I can’t even begin to describe how amazing they are.

    Some of the highlights:

    01 | Repelling down some mad canyons

    02 | Delicious food

    03 | Light saber wars in the dark. (I was the girl champion!)

    04 | Campfire talks

    05 | Good music


    Soundtrack of the trip:

  • See you on the other side

    I’m leaving for my spring break trip today at 6am and won’t be back until next Saturday at the earliest!

    I’m going canyoneering in  Robbers’ Roost for the first part of the week, and backpacking through Coyote Gulch during the second half. No computer or cellphone, of course.

    Wish me luck! I am terribly out of shape so I will probably be a little miserable…but I hope to come back better!!

    Adventure is out there!

    Love, Jacklynn