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  • Exactly one week ago…

    Ok, I said I would talk about the Scots fest I went to for my Scottish literature class, so here it goes:

    01| Beautiful drive to Estes Park down I-287

    02| Elk all over the parking lot…

    03| Lovely lake across from the festival

    04| Cool Scottish band called “Abennach”

    05| Our fair lady Carissa, triumphantly drinking some freshly squeezed lemonade (2 for $5!)

    06| Sheep herding!

    07| Jousting, which I hear isn’t even Scottish

    08| Caber toss. Why not?

    09| An old clan playing some tuneskies

    My favorite part? I got to pet a corgi!

    And Carissa and I could not stop laughing at this hobo corgi. I think it’s owner was put off by it, in fact.