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  • 5: Things we touched


    From when Sarah and some fellas were visiting.

    01. Fashion

    At The Brass Armadillo & Regal Vintage.

    02. ART

    This actually made me very anxious.

    03. Canines

    04. Ukejos

    05. And, as always, my heart.

    Me in city park

  • I’m probably going to melt

    It’s 95 degrees and we don’t have air conditioning in our apartment. We’re on the top floor and my bedroom is the very crown of the house. I am melting. I do not do well in heat. I wilt. I can’t be productive at all. I open my computer and boot up the design program and stare at it. It stares back at me and we agree that no one will get anything done in this condition. We promise ourselves that the next time it’s this hot we’ll walk down the block to the sanctuary of an air conditioned coffee shop. But now, I’m already too destroyed by heat to let the public see me and my computer agrees.

    The very least I could do is write a little, right?

    On Friday Mary and four of her friends came down for Denver’s Pride Fest and we went out to eat and generally hit the town. It was so nice to see her again! I hadn’t seen Mary in a year, since I graduated pretty much.

    Then on Saturday I stole away to Laramie to see my dear friend Sarah finally since she returned to Laramie. It was so nice to be with someone who just knows you. None of the awkward boat friendships you get when you move to a new city and you’re trying to figure each other out. We had some coffee, played a lot of badminton in the lovely Wyoming weather. It was very low key but wonderful.

    Ok. My brain is too goopy to process anything else. Hope you’re having a lovely father’s day weekend.


  • SuperVarca & Super Bass

    From my ukulele hero and wonderful girl all-around, Sarah:

    You are who we all want to be. Much love from the Americas!

  • Hello, 2012

    So how are you? Did you survive the New Year’s alright? I know I certainly had a great time. Before I start off, a couple of things:

    01. Shucks, I missed the Friday 5 yesterday, but I didn’t have internet. So I don’t feel too bad.

    02. I’m going to really try to take some more time and write well and more creatively instead of just lists. Does that mean lists are going away? Never. My  mind is nothing but filing cabinets of lists.

    03. I just ate a Lindt chocolate that fell on the floor and rolled about 2 feet away, just in case you ever got the impression that I’m classier than I am.

    Me, Kim, Jordan, Jordan, Sarah, and Katie

    Thanks to sneaky scheduled posts, I have actually been in Laramie for the last week because my dear friends Sarah & Katie were back from France and England, respectively, for the holidays. To say that I was happy to see them and that I had a great time doesn’t due it justice. Not by a long shot. These people, and several others, are just so wildly special to me. They are all fun, charming, smart, witty, and kind as you please.

    Since Katie and I were drifters in the city, we were jointly hosted by Sarah’s lovely family and The Bishop-Mount estates while we were there. I couldn’t possibly list all the things we did. In fact, I didn’t even take pictures because I knew I would be soaking up the good company every second. Luckily, there’s this new-fangled thing called “Facebook” that my friends use.

    We had some late-night, back-alley pizza parties. This I think was our first night in Laramie and it was marvelous, simply marvelous. Our giant, boisterous group dominated Front Street.

    Some obnoxious group huddles in the middle of New Year’s Eve parties.

    Music. Specifically ukulele playing. We had four ukulele players and two guitarist and a whole-lot of screaming.

    Seriously, a lot of music-playing. This is Jordan and me practicing “She Don’t Use Jelly.”

    It was great to be myself completely. To be as loud and silly as I want to be with people who don’t even notice. How did I get so lucky? Katie is heading back to England today and Sarah trooped back east to France last Thursday morning. The only thing that was missing was our dear Carissa. But we know she had a great holiday with her mother. I’m very jealous. I can honestly say, Carissa, you were not forgotten. We would periodically lament that you weren’t there and make wishes that you were.

    Obligatory list:

    • 01. Loved my laser-cat and magic eye book from Grant, my secret Santa.
    • 02. Was pleased as a peach to give Chris his gift, a set of pipes and holders. Friendship pipes.
    • 03. Adored giving Tally her gift: a square of carpet with that I rubbed bacon into.
    • 04. Coconut coffee à la Dan. Our deep love of coconut has brought me, Dan, and coffee so close.
    • 05. Way too much lion costume fun.
    • 06. Family portraits
    • 07. Lingering.
    • 08. Just Dance. Hobo version where you just play them on YouTube.
    • 09. A very heartfelt present form Kim, Sarah, and Katie.
    • 10. The Triplets of Belleville. A really crazy animated French film. Carissa, you’d like it.
    • 11. Watching Sarah (and Brendon) play at Open Mic Night.

    Back to the real world.

    All the best,




    The Great Divorce > C.S. Lewis > meh


    Who loves the sun? > The Kinks
    Cherry Cherry Christmas > Neil Diamond > Come on, it was the holidays!




    Buying things for my apartment
    New Year’s resolutions, here I come!


    Eating yogurt. It always makes me feel bad because I know the yogurt is alive!
    Exercising, the lack of


    Seeing Katie & Sarah (visiting from Europe)!
    Christmas exchange, for realz
    Sharing young-coconut drinks with a fellow coconut-enthusiast


    Midnight in Paris
    Good Will Hunting
    The Darjeeling Limited (again)


  • We’ll meet in the middle.

    Sarah & Katie wanted to meet us in Fort Collins for dinner on Thursday as a special goodbye before Sarah left. They drove down, and Carissa and I drove up. It was a perfect way to hang out together in a small group.

    01 | We ate at Rasta Pasta a Jamaican influenced Italian restaurant that I recommend, although it’s a bit pricy for the average college student with the average plate around $12-15.  The portions are quite large though. It was yummy and very interesting.

    02 | Although we were stuffed to the brim, we then got Gelato across the street. Very yummy. And you get to have three flavors in a small cup! (I want to say that it was called “Sam’s Gelato,” but I can’t confirm).

    03 | Carissa gave a group of somewhat grimy looking 20-somethings her left over pasta so that they would play us a song (they asked). There was a ukulele, a fiddle, a saw, and guitar. Their song was about how they much prefer sleeping outside and being dirty.

    04 | Window shopped.

    05 | Watched The Help. Sarah was so excited to see this movie after reading the book. It’s not my usually type of movie…but it wasn’t bad.

    06 | Drove home 1 am.

  • And then there was four

    [We all gathered around Sarah’s computer last night as I taught the lovely ladies how to blog. Not pictured: Bob]

    Ok, I was in Laramie all weekend saying goodbye to Sarah (second one from the left) since today she is on a plane to France to study for a year. Did I mention all of my closest friends (but one) are going to be in a different country next year? They are. I kind of know the most amazing people.

    Which leads me to this:

    My friends and I are starting a blog together to write to each other about our exciting lives over the next year (or for however long it ends up being). Sarah and Bob mentioned their intention of starting a blog while they were away and I excitedly waited to be sent the infamous URL. Finally, some of my friends would be getting on the technology train with me (I am usually the only one out of my friends who knows about and does all the trendy new-technology stuff. Maybe I’ll convince them to start tweeting if this blog doesn’t intimidate them).

    But since there were only weeks left before they were leaving and there was no sign of action, I suggested we start a communal blog where we write to each other about our lives and it just happens to also be public. Long story short, I set up this blog for them, invited them, walked them through setting up a wordpress account, how to post (all last night, aka: the night before Sarah was leaving), and huzzah! Here we go! It’s called “I thought you’d like this” and I’ll put it in my blog roll. I have no idea how it will interact with this blog. Maybe I could try to make this some sort of “professional blog,” whatever that means.

    Anyway, I just wanted to express my excitement for this new endeavor and for the very exciting life of my friends. And hey, to be fair, I’ve moved to a new place and am in the process of doing exciting things too :)

  • It’s not “goodbye”

    ….it’s “until we meet again.”

    So all last week I was actually in Laramie and had scheduled those posts in advance. I’m tricky like that.

    But before I talk about that, first: your Monday movie, which I didn’t get to post because I was on the road yesterday.

    By the way, the drive was the worst ever. I drove into a tornado storm warning county where I had to stop until the warning expired and then drove through a severe thunderstorm for 4   h o u r s.

    Some of the lovely things I did while in Laramie:

    01 | Watched Hello, Dolly! with Sarah, Carissa, and Katie. The cutest, dopiest, and campiest musical I have ever seen–which is saying a lot–but, it was also deliciously wonderful because sometimes that’s exactly what you need in the world. It’s the musical that Wall-E is watching.

    02 | Went to Beartree Tavern & Cafe to see live music. If you’re ever in Centennial, you’ll have to go to this bar. It’s a little gem in the tiny town.

    {Picture of my friend took on their cellphone of me dancing with Sarah. Priceless. The Lonesome Heroes are playing in this picture}

    03 | Nothing like  a good old-fashioned game of Balderdash. Carissa and I won, probably because we’re roommates and pretty much think the same now. There was a little Boggle tossed in there too. I met even more nice people during the game, only one weekend before leaving. Why are all the best people you meet hiding until you leave a place? Anne, James, Connor, Brendon, and Sam: hope you all have a wonderful year where ever you may be!

    04 | A lot of ukulele playing. I am really addicted to my little uke. Here’s one of the songs I learned to play, though not nearly as well as Aunt Vi:

    05 | Saying “until we meet again” to these lovely people. (If you’re in Laramie and haven’t tried the berry cake at Turtle Rock, it’s a must. One of the best cakes I’ve ever eaten. And I brought a Lithuanian torte with me!)

    {From left to right: Carissa–China, Sarah–France, Bob–Spain, Katie–England, Jacklynn–Portland!?}

    06 | Finally all moved out of my apartment. Whew!

    Onto the next adventure!

  • Oh goodness, here we go

    Alright, have I been the worst blogger? Yes, and I’m sorry. But graduating, packing, cleaning, and saying good-byes is a bit more time consuming than I would have imagined. Let’s see if I can play a little catch up:

    02 | PASSED MY THESIS DEFENSE (and revisions!) and presented my research at UW Undergraduate Research Day. Although I was scared, blinky, and felt unprepared, it actually went over really well and I got to here all my lovely peers’ research too. Bob, Courtney, Chris (who’s group won best senior design project)…Way to go everyone!

    02 | Laramie: A Gem City Atlas opening reception was May 2nd. If you’re in Laramie, it’ll be up until June 18th at the University of Wyoming Art Museum. You should check it out. Here is a digital version of the map I made, but I assure you the print version is different. And you’d be missing all the other wonderful work by the other participants.

    03 | Ummm…so I graduated! BA in English, with honors. Minors in Graphic Design and Professional Writing. Cum lada. I’m going to miss the English department!!!

    04 | Movies watched (or re-watched): The Invention of Lying (I really liked this one!), Black Swan, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog (always good), Rio (probably a little too cheesy for me, or I wasn’t in the right mood), and Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

    05 | Our lease ends May 31st so Carissa and I have been packing and cleaning like mad to get ready. Of course we had to listen to some dance music to cope with our plight:

    06 | I traveled home on Saturday listening to Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt on audio book. Have I told you how much I love listening to that particular audiobook? It’s a lot. (And what better way to celebrate earning an English degree by listening to one of my favorite English majors?)

    07 | In the works: I’m working on a logo for HealthBreak that’s been really fun. I’m also soooo close to redesigning this blog…maybe June.

    08 | Really enjoying this 5-year diary I bought. My first entry was on graduation day, for obvious reasons. Won’t it be nice next year when I get to see what I was doing a year ago. And then in five years?! That’s kind of unimaginable to me right now.

    09 | Planning on running away to Portland with Katie. I just need to find a job first.

    10 | Bought a new ukulele, case, and chromatic tuner. Impulsive? Maybe.

    Here’s a picture of Sarah playing the ukulele during open mic night at Coal Creek. She is truly wonderful, talented, and lovely. Gosh darn it!

  • 5: New friends

    Sorry for not posting much this week–it’s been pretty hectic (and it’s not even over for me yet), but expect a baked macaroni with cauliflower recipe soon!

    Anyway, senior year has really shaken things up. Starting with my study abroad trip, I have met some really wonderful new friends who I’m really thankful for knowing, and sad that I meant them so late. I hope we keep in touch though :)

    (in semi-chronological order).

    01 | Bob.

    I actually met Bob officially three years ago. We were both in UW Transfer Student Orientation together to be English majors, but of course we only made surface conversation. And then we had a class together our first semester and we sat next to each other every day, but true to my nerd-self I kept was almost completely mute and took rampant notes the whole time. Bob, being absolutely charming and friendly person he naturally is, would always wave or stop to chat when we ran into each other, so I knew he was good people. We ended up going on the Shakespeare In England and Italy trip and I am so fortunate to have become his friend.

    He is probably the most popular person in Laramie and it’s not because Laramie is a small town. Bob is one of the most sincere people I know in all respects of his life. He is a true academic with a passion for learning and seeking out information outside of class for his own pleasure. He cares about his friends and other people, is always makes time for them even when he doesn’t have much time himself. He is eloquent, funny, and outgoing, and dedicated. I feel lucky that he can tolerate me as a friend. I kind of feel like I’ve tricked him.

    02 | Katie.

    I met Katie on the trip to Europe. I knew that I liked her because she said she wanted to go to Avenue Q with me in England. Plus, she had cute shoes. I’m so glad I met Katie. She has this overflowing energy about her that can always cheer me up. Unlike some of my other friends, who can be critical and reserved at times, Katie is always bright and full of cheerful observations. Hanging out with Katie is always fun and she is quite hilarious (whether intentionally or not). I love her candidness and the fact that she is always her self fearlessly. Plus, I dig her style.

    03 | Sarah.

    Sarah is Katie’s friend who I met once we return to The States. Katie and I were both like “boy, do I have a friend for you” (I was referring to Carissa).  Sarah is so sweet and adorable its would be difficult not to love her. I just think her life is sounds amazing. She is is majoring in… I actually don’t know what it’s called… It’s like fashion/customer/textiles stuff. She basically sews amazing clothes for herself, class, and the theater department. She likes crafts, like me! She throws amazing dinner parties because she has a gigantic heart and just wants to help people. Oh, and she’s beautiful and has a lovely french boyfriend.

    04 | Isaac.

    Isaac was another graphic design student, but he’s in a rotation ahead of me. I had always admired his work, but I didn’t really talk to him. But this year we both working the Campus Activities Center as graphic designers and got to know each other. Especially this semester when we worked together more often. He describes himself as “mangy,” but he definitely has some class. I really admire his work and think he’s been a great friend. He’s a wonderful person to talk to and we’ve had some good adventures together. He is also able to tolerate my compulsive text-message-sending addiction.

    05 | Mary.

    I first met Mary through Bob when I we went down to Denver to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream and thereafter bumped into each other every now and then. I thought she was quiet and smart. We ended up going to spring break together and I got to know her better. I still feel like we’ve just met so I hope this isn’t an unfair description, but I think she’s fast and furious with such a great zeal for life. I admired how much she likes nature and how passionate she is about her studies. She is hilarious and everyone adored her on the trip. I hope to get to know her better before I leave!

    Of course there were a ton of other people I met this year, and of course I love all the friends I’ve known for so long! I would like to mention the trip leaders (Jake, Chris, and Logan), but I’m pretty sure they’re too cool to be my friend…but they were awesome, amazing, and fun— I can’t believe they’re only a year older than me. And the lovely ladies of the trip: Hannah, Sophie, and Katie. Plus Jenny from the Europe trip. Oh and Sarah from work is so sweet…..

    Ps. Sorry for the facebook creeping that had to take place for some of your photos.