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  • 5: (What else?) New Year’s Resolutions

    You know what else I thought would be nice? I think if I worked on my narrative with this blog a little more. I’ve fallen into the habit of kind of exploding thoughts onto the page in sporadic lists, sentences, and exclamation. Everyone would be made the merrier by this simple change.

    Enjoying fantastic company with my Laramie folks for the next week. Fantastic way to end and start the year.

  • 5: Resolutions

    So long, 2k10!

    01| Exercise more. Sounds like a cliche, but it was my resolution during the summer and then things got chaotic.

    02| No more typos! (Or at least a lot less). I really, really, really need to become a better editor.

    03| Find out what I’m doing for the future…

    04| Be kind, even when it’s really difficult.

    05| Be more positive in general.

    Happy New Year’s!