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  • 5: Lists

    Lists of list, you’re in a time warp. Shortlist is a site that makes lists. Why didn’t I know about your earlier?


    01. The 50 Coolest books Ever.

    02. The “Oh s***” posters.

    03. Art Deco Superheros.

    04. 30 Coolest Films Ever.

    05. Surreal Moments on Film.


  • Some graphic design

    Since I’m not so busy this semester I feel like better all of the time. Like happy, well-rested, more creative, and at ease.¬† Sure, I’m supposed to be making life changing decisions right now that I’ve been putting off–but that will be for next week.

    Here’s what I’ve been working on for work and school:

    Poster for the CAC

    Poster for Gallery 234

    Poster for Gallery 234, collaboration with Evan.

    Online invitation for Computer Graphics. Made completely with HTML! I’m so proud!

  • What I’ve been working on

    Here’s some of the non-class related design I’ve been working on. I don’t know why they look so pixelated.

    Commissioned  by the English department.
    [My “supervisor” (Dr. Knievel) on this has such a good eye. I wonder if if he’s a designer and he’s never told me. Or maybe I was rushing because I didn’t want them to get mad at me]

    For the Campus Activities Council:

    Version 1

    Version 2

    [Isaac liked the first version better, but my boss thought it look a little too much like a “Ronald” than a “Ron” (my words). I have to say that, judging by the quietness of his website, I would say that Ronny would prefer no. 1 too, but give them what they want.]