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  • Before Sunrise & Before Sunset.

    Before Sunrise taps into what appears to be a universal dream of traveling to a foreign place, meeting a dashing stranger, and falling in love. So maybe that makes this movie a cliché. Maybe I was just in the mood for exactly this kind of movie—but I just watched Brooklyn and thought it was lukewarm, so I think it’s just that these movies are excellent. For this Monday Movie I’ll do something different and tell you about a movie instead of sharing one with you.

    I hate writing summaries, but in order to fill you in, here goes: in these three Richard Linklater movies—Before Sunrise (1995), Before Sunset (2004), and Before Midnight (2013)—we follow two people as they meet and fall in love (gross) and how their relationship changes over time. The second movie catches up with them nine years later, and third nine years after that. I don’t want to spoil the movies, so I won’t describe what kind of relationship they’re in each time, but that’s pretty much the story. It’s a study of the relationship between these people. No background to how they got super powers, no supernatural occurrences, no action scenes. There’s not even an antagonist.

    So there, you’re caught up.

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  • Iris Apfel documentary (trailer)

    I ran across this trailer shared by the 99PercentInvisible and would love to see it when it comes out. Thought it was cute change of pace from my normal videos.


  • Instagranimation


    Cute little stop motion made of instagram pictures. Can you believe it?! And the summer theme is perfect for July.

  • Vlog Brothers

    Matt brought this YouTube Channel to my attention on one of his posts, and I was enamored by their project. I think I had heard whispers in the wind about Hank & John Green on NP a while ago, but never watched anything. Basically, they sent each other youtube videos every weekday for a year too keep in touch. Now they’re sending each other weekly videos on topic either person or, like the video below, just informative things. Isn’t that neat? I have tried in the past to get my friends to do cool projects like this but they’re always like “We hate everything about this and we hate talking to you” so they get abandoned…

    I just picked this video at random and because I thought it might be relevant to election season :). Enjoy!

    They both talk super fast. It must be a brother thing.

  • Spring cleaning. It’s cuter than you thought

    I thought that you might need something a little lighter after all those mentally taxing design videos.

    I had a good weekend. I ate some dim sum and thrifted with Kyle. On Sunday I enjoyed brunch and The Ring of Fire at the Denver Performing Arts Center with Faith. Mmm. How was your weekend?

    I was wondering, do you think it’s possible for me to social media any more than I do? I media socially pretty hard. But I have the dilemma: I find very little motivation to do things that have no definitive deadline and I sans school, I have a lot of just such things. One of them is studying vocabulary words for the GRE, which I may or may not take “soon.” Potential solution? Illustrate (aka, doodle) words out and post them in a microblog. Is this crazy? I still don’t expect anyone to read it, but I think enough strangers will pass through to make me keep going. No promises. But if i did create one, it would be here.

  • Simple Little Box Girls

    Can’t get these songs out of the my head:

    Disclaimer: If you think I’m not going to post about how much I hate Sprint soon, sorry to disappoint, but it’s happening, yo.

  • Mostly for me

    This one is for you, but I like it too. In fact, I’m dying to see it.

    This one is mostly for me.

    And this one is for everyone:

    >> Oh! And by the way, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with soaking up inspiration lately and am trying not to gush over it on Twitter & Facebook so much, so I did cave and make a Pinterest (/jacklynnpham). And I have to say…I love it!! It’s really helping me catalog things I enjoy in the great big interwebz. Follow me if you’re interested, I promise no lame girl quotes and all the cute things will be banished to the Sugar board.

  • I listen to nature, man.

    YEARS from Bartholomäus Traubeck on Vimeo.

    My friend Igor showed me this a few weeks ago and was reminded last night of its awesomeness when a story about it came on NPR. Isn’t it neat?

  • SuperVarca & Super Bass

    From my ukulele hero and wonderful girl all-around, Sarah:

    You are who we all want to be. Much love from the Americas!