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  • The brightest star in all of Safeway-Laramie

    It is a dark and stormy night. It’s a mild mid-afternoon in Laramie and Carissa & I head to Safeway for our back-to-school grocery shopping. Our weekly trips are usually painfully slow and expensive, so it is a given that this one will be knee-buckling.

    I am dressed in my normal summer frump, while next to me, Carissa is a vision to behold. We meander up and down the aisle for hours, sometimes together, sometimes splitting up when both a dairy product and a carbohydrate are required simultaneously.

    With a heavy cart, we are finally ready to purchase our goods.

    Alas! What’s this?!

    A shy Safeway lad humbly taps upon the nymph’s shoulder. She is confused; did she drop something?

    A flower? A note? Love?

    The note– scribbled hastily, with passion, on the torn corner of the Safeway weekly specials–reads:

    Your very beautiful
    you should call me

    Doesn’t the lack of punctuation and the letter “e” make it simply poetic?

  • Hey, Beautiful


    (umm, of course I put a soft focus around this camera)

    Keeping in theme with my absurd attachment to inanimate objects, this is my newest love. I got it for my birthday from Evan (possibly after telling him exactly what I wanted, thanks to One Pearl Button).  I have already ordered film from The Impossible Project and I’m excited to see if it works! Isn’t it lovely? I also have a Royal HH 1954 typewriter but I have no idea where the picture I took of it is…

    Just in case any of the six people who have been reading this blog were wondering, I’m safely back in Wyoming and feeling both restless and overwhelmed. I have to finish up a final paper and project for my Shakespeare class and replenish my funds. Right now I think I have negative money, and I shouldn’t have taken that trip to Kirksville—but still worth being evicted! And besides, I’m working, just not very much.

    I’m also considering changing the tornado-theme of my room to one that looks more like “clean.”  But instead, I’m blogging.

    Oh, and I recently watched Raising Arizona a movie by the Coen brothers. I liked it. I think I enjoyed it more knowing it was Susannah’s favorite movie when she was five. That’s good taste. (Albeit, her other favorite was Baby’s Day Out).

    Update: It has been confirmed that I have negative money.