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  • 5: Things I can always count on when I come home

    A day late, but here it is!


    01 | A limitless supply of holiday themed pajama suits. Thanks, Mom!

    02 | My dad deciding he needs to take a shower in the other bathroom 2 minutes after I’ve start taking my shower, thus using all of the hot water. You think I’m joking, but I’m not. No matter what time of day, he’ll come plodding up the stairs takin’ my hot water like a fiend. Like a fiend! I confronted him about this and he said “We have a lot of things in common.”

    03 | My grandma calling me fat. It’s just standard practice at this point.

    04 | A lot of food :D. M-Train is a non-stop cooking machine. And it’s not just because of the holidays. She only has to feel my presence near and she is like “Are you hungry? Do you want pho?” Yes, it often turns out, I do want pho. How did you know?

    05 | TV-watching. I think many people are disappointed when they meet me and find they can’t bond over favorite shows because I don’t watch TV. But when I’m home I usually find that I’m more couch-potato-esque and usually end up watching banal reality TV with my mom. Or, if I have control over the remote, a combination of cartoons and the Discovery Channel. Sometimes it is nice to glaze over into the other side.

    5.5 | A confirmation that moving away was the right decision.

  • Life at homebase

    I haven’t come home often while I’ve been at school. My first year I was 5.5 hours away, and for the past two years I’ve been 8 hours away from home. Last year, I had a summer research project with McNair and didn’t get home much, this summer I had two classes. In sum, I’ve pretty much acclimated to Wyoming’s mild summers.

    What’s it like at home on the Omaha-suburbia? Apart from a more cluttered house than I remember and my mother’s plans next week to install granite counter tops the only things that stands out in my mind as drastically different than I remember is the




    It sticks to you and makes you stick as if you’ve been covered by a hot gluey rag. It’s so moist and muggy outside I’m worried my cellphone is going to get water damage. The heat index has been up to 115 degrees while I’ve been home. I don’t remember feeling so miserable outside the previous years when I’ve come home during the summer.

    Today’s weather:
    High: 97 °F
    Humidity: 67%
    Heat index: 111 °F

    Evan doesn’t even have air-conditioning in his putt-putt Ford Taurus. Unbearable.