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  • 5+5 Favorite movies

    Someone recently asked me what my top ten favorite movies are. Thought I’d share. These are the ones that I come to mind, with the caveat that I rarely watch a movie several times.


    In a vague order:

    1. My Fair Lady. Maybe the movie I’ve seen the most because I have a large soft spot of musicals and this was the first (non-cartoon) one I can remember seeing. I love Audrey Hepburn.
    2. Marry Poppins. No explanation needed.
    3. Deathproof. This surprises people. But I do really like the movie ever since Evan introduced it to me.
    4. AmélieI was amazed by this movie the first time I saw it and still really like it to this day. It was the first kind of quirky movie I saw. It gives me hope that someone quirky will be able to tolerate me sometime in the future too.
    5. Submarine. This was a movie I’d never heard of but that my friend Dan recommended.
    6. The Darjeeling Limited. I don’t love all of Wes Anderson’s movies, but I do like this one.
    7. Departures. I’ve only seen this movie once at a film festival while I was in college, but it was the only movie that’s made me tear up.
    8. Kill Bill (vol 1 & 2). I just like his movies!
    9. The Hotel Chelsea. (documentary). I changed my vote from this morning. I remembered describing this movie to Igor over Thanksgiving and it has to be one my favorite movies/documentaries since I always think about it. It follows the characters in such a beautiful way that afterwards I really wanted to live there. But afterwards I found out that it was bought by an evil rich guy who wants to turn it into a rich people thing (so eloquent, Jacklynn). I get excited every time I see it though.
    10. Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before MidnightJust watched these within the last week and totally obsessed. Warrants its own post.

  • 5: Jacklynn-style mishaps

    I normally feel like an awkward person (in many respects), but I especially feel like my clumsy nature shines through when I move to a new place and am put into new circumstances. I moved to San Francisco, I’m starting a new job, and meeting scads of new people. Surely, the best stage for the small papercuts of social situations to strike. To assure you that the Jacklynn that you all know and tolerate is the same-old-same-old, here are five of my city mishaps:



    .01 I’m both lucky and unlucky enough to be one of those sorts who gets shuttled to work. A topic that I wrestle with, but that’s not the point of our story today. This shuttling of employees works like a typical bus stop: you wait at designated points in the city for a large bus to come. Not to insult your intelligence, but the normal protocol is to arrive at a comfortable time before the bus arrives, so that when it does, you feel prepared, at ease, calm…this “arriving early” is a small-but-great trick. A lot of people do it. Like, speckled throughout the city you’ll literally see these groups of business professionals (mostly men) in clean, casual clothes and messenger bags waiting in a queue on the corner of streets for their company bus.

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