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  • 5(+) Places for the summer


    I told my co-workers I wanted to go to Prague for the long weekend and they scoffed at me for not seeing enough of Zurich first. I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job of seeing the city and nearby landmarks. But they’re in Zurich indefinitely, whereas I have one summer. So I have some decisions to make.

    So, I’m not going to Prague, that’s too far and too expensive. But after work, I decided to buy tickets to Vienna and visit a friend. I leave in an hour.

    Here are the other places I want to go:


    1. Berlin, Germany (next weekend)
    2. Nairobi, Kenya (surprise trip next week!)
    3. Basel, Switzerland (for the Art Basel)
    4. Ticino, Switzerland (to visit the Italian canton and hike in this beautiful river valley I saw pictures of)
    5. Zermatt, Switzerland (to see the Matterhorn–I love the mountains)
    6. Dublin, Ireland (since the intern summit was abruptly rescheduled to Zurich)
    7. Münich, Germany
    8. Ingolstadt, Germany
    9. Prague, Czech Republic
    10. Geneva, Switzerland (by way of Bern)
    11. TDB, Croatia (my brother and sister have gone, have to keep the family tradition alive)

    Pictured above are the Rheinfalls.

  • 5: Things that are different



    1. Snails! I’ve never seen so many snails in my life! They come out when it rains. (for the record, I only moved the ones that were easy to move. If they were super suctiony I didn’t moved them because I don’t know the snail rules and I felt like it might hurt them).
    2. Everything closes early, especially on the weekends if they’re open at all.
    3. I love their faucets! They’re this bar that reminds me of a spaceship thruster. They make it super easy to change the velocity of the water. Or maybe it’s just more fun to me. And they have button light switches.
    4. The public transportation is a dream come true.
    5. It’s never felt chaotic or congested.

    And there’s a bunch of other European stuff, but those were the things I first come to my mind.

    More snails! Meow.


  • 5: Things left on my Spring To-Do list


    1. Final projects. Sounds simple but it’s 2 programming projects, 1 video sketch, 1 presentation, a seven-stanza poem written into a handmade book in different calligraphy styles (by hand, for calligraphy class), and a 3,000-word final paper
    2. Thesis proposal. Excited, but confused and overwhelmed.
    3. Pack and move all of my stuff into storage. I’m moving out of my apartment for the summer.
    4. Visa and airplane tickets. I want to leave in a little more than 2 weeks and I still have to pick up my visa in Chicago and then get my airplane ticket. Scary.
    5. Solidify final schedule for next semester. Desperately trying to keep from overcommitting myself, failing miserably.


    Don’t be fooled, that’s a lot of heartache packed into a 5-item list.

  • 5: Things on my mind


    I have had so much on my mind lately. I feel like I need a few more years to figure out everything and at least two life times to do everything that I want to do!

    1. Interaction design. I know that sounds cheesy because I’m studying it, but I have been obsessing about interaction design and user experience designer this semester. What does it mean to be an interaction designer? What does it mean to be a student of interaction design? How do you learn interaction design? How do you do it well, how do you do it poorly? How do you explain it. How do you create experiences? What do you need to know? I want to know everything! I want to be able to do everything! I was talking to an MBA student today and I was encouraging him to take a design course because he seemed interested and the things he was interested in are things they teach in the design school. But he was like “but that’s why I want to build a team of experts, because I can’t be my own startup.” I think he has a point. You know me. I learned how to design and loved it, but then when things went to the web, I wanted to learn how to do that, how to code. When things went to phones and interactions, I wanted to learn how to program. And that’s where things got sticky. I realized the mindset used for coding and designing are completely different and its so hard to stay up-to-date with all the coding technologies. So I wanted to find and expert in coding.I digress. The point is, that I want to be good at what I do and I want to understand thoroughly what that means. I read this really great article today on Medium about this guy’s journey and the insights he made along the way. I feel like I share so much of his perspective and it was great seeing it all compiled in front of me. This has been on my mind so much I have been thinking about creating a series of ‘rules’ I’ve learned about interaction design.
    2. My thesis. Somewhat related, somewhat not. I’m really excited about it. Right now I feel really passionate and interested in the subject matter (bringing together Language and Design), and I think it’s what been feeding my quest to understand interaction design. You’ll have to remind me of my enthusiasm next year when I am dreading all parts of my thesis ;).
    3. My classes for next semester. My year, for that matter! That’s my very last year–last classes–and I want to make it count! I have been running through my head, thinking about my priorities and what I want to do, what will help me in the future, and what I would regret not doing. It’s a lot to think about. I must resist the urge to over extend myself. But I want to do everything! I agreed to help out with a campus-wide event next semester…eep.
    4. Knitting/Crocheting. Ok, less significant impact wise, not less significant obession-wise. I alluded to discovering that i could read while I knitted, but then I finished my scarf immediately (so much reading!) and started a blanket last weekended. It’s a little harder to crochet while reading, but that hasn’t stopped me from wanting to work on it all the time. It literally has this gravity pulling me towards it and beckoning me to work on it.
    5. This summer (Zurich!) and beyond. It’s coming up and I’m getting excited, and yet, it’s like I have no idea what it will be like so it’s really hard for me to think about in the ways I’m thinking about the other things. Like, it’s just this thing in the back of my mind more than anything…odd, right?

    Me with my ‘finished’ infinity scarf and the start of my blanket…

    Noticeably absent from list: my numerous final projects. I’m already wayyyyyy  beyond thinking about them, though this is probably not the beset mindset to be in because there is definitely a lot of work ahead of me. But I can only fit so much in my head.

  • 5: Classes


    New year, new classes. Here they are!


    1. Graduate Design Seminar II: Topics in Communication Design
    2. Graduate Design Studio II
    3. Research Methods for Human-Centered Design
    4. Computing for the Arts with Processing
    5. Calligraphy I

    See you there or never!

  • 5: Paradoxical ways I’m using my break

    Paradoxical because, I’m working during my break. I am somewhat relieved to find out that, even without classes all the things I want to do take up so much time that it truly is hard to do them when school is in session and it’s not just me having poor time-management skills. But also, I’m sad I can’t do everything always.


    1. Re-do my website. This is the big one, of course. I have already spent hours now looking at themes and so that I can pick on that has all the right things I’m looking for. You think it’s easy to start off with a theme? Not if you really care about how your website functions and how a user goes through it. With my limited coding and 0% knowledge of PHP, using a theme is imperative. Then again, the argument goes that I could have a very simple website and have my work speak for itself. Meh.
    2. Catch up on German. I’ve fallen way behind on DuoLingo, especially during finals.  I’m still on a mission to go to Germany someday…
    3. Ukulele & watercoloring. This is important stuff people, don’t think it’s not! Creative, happy outlets make creative, happy projects.
    4. Blogging. A backlog of thoughts and reflections a novel long. My process blog has been woefully neglected.
    5. Read. Not just for-fun books, I’ve tucked away two design/design-philosophy books I want to read to get ready for next semester and thinking about my thesis project. (!)

    My winter break is one dense nutshell.

  • 5: Final projects

    I am frozen from the cold breeze of ‘overwhelmed’ s as I approach my last week of my first semester at Carnegie Mellon.



    1. One product-service innovation/design philosophy paper.
    2. Two interactive heteronym visualizations. (Using Adobe Edge)
    3. One interactive data visualization using processing.
    4. One video sketch of said visualization being implemented in a real life circumstance.
    5. One argument paper. I wrote about the horrors of plastic.
  • 5: Good Habits



    1. Be on time.
    2. Really listen. No phones, no laptops, just you and the person talking. Make eye contact.
    3. Be proactive. Find your own solutions.
    4. Be positive. If you can’t be positive (which you can), at least be hilarious.
    5. Act kindly. It will never go wrong.


    Things I strive to do every day. I would like to expand upon this topic soon, but it’s stemmed from this quote that James Victore introduced me to:”Make your habits gold.”

  • 5: Projects I think would be fun


    1. Funny cross stitches. I already bought two. Let’s see if I get around to them.
    2. Drawing of deep sea organisms.
    3. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs To-Do list.
    4. Watercolors of flightless birds (or, I really want to try gouache)
    5. Finger puppets of all of my friends. All of them.

    Remember these?

  • 5: Possible alternative careers

    2012-09-20 19.10.50


    1. Internationally famous beatboxer
    2. Parkour professional
    3. Flamenco ukule-ist
    4. Cartoonist
    5. Tap dancer specializing in hat & cane routines.

    I mean, I did take take 6 weeks of tap lessons with 10 little girls.