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  • Little girl’s potato experiment

    Truth bomb about your grocery store produce. Regular vs organic vs farm

  • Giant list of things I did in NYC

    I want to record it, but I also think it would be boring to actually describe it. But last week I went to New York with my friend Igor who is starting school at Parsons for graphic design this year. I’m so proud of him! Way legit. While I was there, I also met his two lovely friends Teel, Ben, and Lucie.

    I’ll go in semi-chronological order.

    01. Ted & Honey cafe in Brooklyn in the Brooklyn Naval Yard

    02. Admiral’s row.

    03. Tea Lounge for open mic night

    04. Union Square

    05. Strand Book

    06. Everyman Espresso

    07. Souen

    08. Greenwich Village Comedy Club (This was a last minute plan after we couldn’t get in the Comedy Cellar. Would not recommend. Sketcy).

    09. Caffee Reggio (first cafe in the United States)

    10. Turkiss

    11. The Met

    12. Rockefeller Center

    13. Times Square

    14. Pier 11

    15. Central Park

    16. Evolution Store (I wanted to get something for Sarah here so bad. Such a cool store!)

    17. Madison Square Park

    18. Highline Park (loved this park! Such an incredible idea)

    19. Thien Huong in Chinatown for Bahn mis

    20. Ground Support Cafe

    21. Bliss Cafe (really delicious vegetarian restaurant in Williamsburg)

    22. Night of Joy bar

    23. Barcade

    24. American Museum of Natural History

    25. Upright Citizens Brigade (loved them!)

    26. Tick Tock Diner

    27. 2nd Ave Deli

    28. Caffe Grazie (we got sangrias here for free. They were delicious)

    29. IFC Center to see Sleepwalk With Me opening with Ira Glass & Mike Birbiglia

    30. Museum of Modern Art

    31. Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Co.

    32. Pushkin Creperie Bakery (SO delicious! Highly recommend!)



  • Metal has never been so un-metal

    Feeling a bit re-energized after a mixed Saturday followed by a super Sunday morning of finding Bob’s blog about his amazing adventures in Spain. My friends are such great writers, I’m thankful to those of you who struggle through each one of my illiterate posts.

    So Saturday:

    I wasn’t going to post a picture, but web usability tells me that I need pictures and I don’t have pictures of anything else. Your welcome, web users!

    At 11:00 am I took a $50 cab ride to a dealership on Federal (if you’re in Denver, you know about Federal dealerships). It was the most stereotypical dealership I can imagine. It was like stepping back into the 60s. Wood paneling, the weird vinyl kitchen table, and those old-school wool square chairs that were so old that they sunk in from lack of padding. There were taxidermied fish on the walls and sayings about how much they didn’t like work. Weird.

    Four hours later I had a car. Yes, four hours. I don’t think that’s how it’s supposed to go, but I’m so passive. I think car-buying dynamics are so bizarre. You’re in this position where you both need something from the other person but have to pretend you don’t. It’s this clumsy tango dance between you and the dealer.

    It has low miles – DUN – There are scratches in the paint – DUN – It’s still under warranty – DUN – Is that dog hair in the back? – DUN DUN and turn

    Can you take $1,000 off – DUN – I’ll meet you halfway – DUN – Does that include the dealer fees? – DUN – I’ll meet you halfway on that too – DUN – Full tank of gas? – DUN  – No – DUN – Deal. – And dip


    So anyway, now I have a car and a bunch of corresponding papers to go with the car and a bunch of paperwork ahead of me as I try to figure out what car owners do with their cars.

    On the car ride home, I got a text from Crystal asking if I was up for hanging out with the Tour de Fat gang. I was! Because it was no longer an hour and a half bus ride to see them! We had delicious, delicious Mexican food at Las Margaritas by Matt’s house. My fautas were divine. I ate half preparing for a delicious follow-up today. But of course, I forgot it at the restaurant. Oh well.

    Afterwards, they we got a couple of 6-packs and kicked-back at Matt’s with with his deer head named Clarence. Since Matt and Crystal are studying acupuncture, we ended up taking a super long quiz to find out what our element was. I’m strongest in metal, followed by water, and the lowest in wood. Which makes sense. Metal is basically the overachieving nerd and wood is basically the Evan Major. The person who doesn’t care what other people thinks and gives his/her middle finger to the world. We decided that we would all work on our weakest elements for the next time we meet. In fact, they tried to get me to give them the middle finger. It didn’t work. Crystal and Matthew (aka Thunda) both agreed that metal (the element they were deficient in) was the lamest and they wanted no part of it.

    Good times.

    Right now, I’m feeling super lazy. Slight headache from recovering from a cold and I feel after a high-strung previous week, I’m just ready to take things easy. When will there be easy-taking? Someone tell me!

  • Night at the cabin

    Evan’s family owns a cabin in Lousiville, NE (population: 1,146) that his grandpa built with his bare, grandpa hands. It’s Evan’s favorite place on earth.  It’s a sacred place where you are isolated from the real world in order to immerse yourself into some amalgamation of the pastoral and the wild. Last night was a very strange night at the cabin. For one thing and old acquaintance was visiting Nebraska from Thailand.

    Natt & Savannah in the cabin. I just got out my fancy Canon and the setting were quite off…

    Another thing that was not very typical was that Evan’s new friend, Joe, made the most opulent, 16-course Southern French dinner that any of us could imagine. I think I speak for all of us when I say that, individually, every adjective I just used to describe his dinner was new to us.

    The cabin benches are not used to such attention.

    Caviar? For me?

    The cheese platter. Which was around course number 13.

    His hand-pitted cherry torte. In the process of demolition.

    Gosh. I’ve never lived in such a way. No one told me that their were multiple courses so I ate a lot of the bread with his yummy olive dip during course #1….I was on the verge of bursting the entire night, but I managed somehow to try every single course.

    What a lovely evening with good company. Back to reality!

  • Oh Ikea, I need you

    One Pearl Button posted this I a few days ago, and isn’t it neat? It’s from an Swedish Ikea cookbook where all the ingredients are laid out like this. Lovely. To see all of them, go to the original site at Craft.  I hope to someday go to an Ikea…

    In other news, Evan’s family is visiting for the weekend. Of course Evan didn’t tell me until a few hours before they were going to arrive. Of course the didn’t. Last night we ate at the Beartree Tavern & Cafe in Centennial, Wyoming. Yummy. I’s one of our favorites, but we’ve never been to the bar side before. I highly recommend if you’re in the area.

    Hope you eat something yummy this weekend! I know I’ll be racking my brain all weekend for our project due Monday. It’s going to be a massacre.

  • Happy thoughts

    It’s 12:40 am and I am very annoyed right now. I have a Yahoo email address which I use for storage and it has some sort of virus in it that sends some weird link to all my contacts. It’s so frustrating and embarrassing! Having a Yahoo email is inherently embarrassing, but having one that also sends your contacts a potential virus is unacceptable. It’s such a hassle to change an email address, but it had to be done. I don’t care if you have unlimited storage, YahooMail! You have betrayed me for the third and last time!

    I also tried to see the meteor shower tonight but there was too much light pollution and I was eaten alive by mosquitoes. Omaha is not a very big city and it’s completely possible to drive into a small town with few lights and see more stars. BUT, trust me, it’s nothing compared to the true darkness you find in Wyoming. You can see 5x more stars, the sky is completely black, and it’s more beautiful that you would ever imagine. Maybe we’ll try again tomorrow.

    So, I’m trying to think happy thoughts.

    01| I finished my crochet blanket as far as I could go (I used all the pumpkin-spice yarn in the Laramie area, and will have to wait until the lady orders more in order to finish it completely). Do you love the colors? Evan helped me pick them out. Art majors are handy like that.

    02| Jazz on the Green today (August 12th). If your in Omaha, I assume you’re going. Though we all love the Joslyn Art Museum, the new location looks like a beautiful place for some jazz.

    03| Speaking of the Joslyn, they’re having an Impressionism exhibition! Gaugin & Gogh?! I’m definitely going before I head back. It ends September 12th, so you better go there and get cultured!

    Ok, and on the topic of art, the Anderson O’Brien gallery in the Old Market has an exhibition of Tad Lauritzen Wright currently which you should definitely check out. The opening reception is this Friday from 6-9pm and Evan might be there playing his banjo. His stuff appeals to me like presents appeal to children:

    04| And how can I be too sad when Evan’s parents took me to the new Roja Mexican Grill downtown and I stuffed my face? Thanks, Majors!

    05| Ok, and finally. This song has been making me happy at the moment. There is nothing overwhelmingly joyous about it, but it just makes me feel so content:

    Ahh, much better. Happy thoughts.