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  • I’ve got a ticket to ride

    Sorry, still traveling. I made a quick road trip back down to Denver for an interview (!) and spent the night with the too-kind Susan. Alas, we could only stay one night so that I can drive home. I hope to go home either tomorrow or Friday for sure. It’s been an awesome two weeks+! I feel a bit happier and ready for another round of job-applying-for drudgery.

    In the meantime, enjoy this video Evan showed me. I hope you’re a Beatles fan!

  • Looks like a good time to me

    Mmm. Savannah, Evan, and I got falafels today for her birthday at Amsterdam. So good! I’ve never had a falafel before, but Evan insisted that it would be well worth it. Doesn’t it look yummy?!

    Later, we walked down to the corner and had ice cream at eCreamery and that was also good, except they accidentally scooped me the wrong flavor. Oh well, I was still willing to eat it :)

    Any good food finds where you are?

  • Tuesday has never been so metal

    To the person who is more happy being himself than anyone I know.

    May only good things happen to you :)

    And, against my better judgement, here’s this:

    Happy birthday, Evan!

    Love, Jacklynn

    Ps. And happy birthday to the ever-cheerful Susannah as well.

  • More summer fun

    01 | Chasing hot air balloons

    02 | Caffeine Dreams with Savannah, Carissa, & Eric

    03 | Watching Evan work on his latest glitzy piece

    04 | Shakespeare on the Green performing A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


    As you can tell from my horrendous tan lines, I’ve also been exercising outside. I’m in between bikes right now so I had to go jogging yesterday. I am a terrible jogger. But exercising is important, or whatever.

    Just finished:

    Season 1 & 2 of 30 Rock (I love that show)

    Nice Dreams (My first Cheech & Chong movie…thanks HBO!)

    Wayne’s World 1 & 2 ( I should stop hanging out with Evan and his HBO…)

    Charade (movie with Audrey Hepburn)

    White Fang by Jack London (Do you remember the Redwall series? It’s not at all like that)

    Currently Reading:

    Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

    Listening to/Recently acquired:

    Middle Brother, Dawes, Ingrid Michaelson, Mika, Yael Naim, and The Kinks

  • No coconut custard, but still a good day

    I was a bit disappointed, but it didn’t spoil my ice cream date with my childhood friend, Julia. I mean, if you’re hanging out with a childhood pal, how can you not have fun? Besides, I’m getting a bit obsessed about this ice cream.

    Plus, I finally got my new uke! I’m over the moon for it!

    (sorry for the weird picture, I took it in photo booth and cropped it to hide as much of my room as possible)

    And then Evan took me to La Casa for pizza. Mmm, so good! It’s my favorite place to get pizza, right behind Zio’s. Maybe even tied if I think about it more…I’ll have to go to Zio’s soon and find out. But we got our favorite, hamburger, and then we tried the scrumptious margarita pizza, which I think is the perfect summer pizza. They have this delicious thin crust and excellent homemade sauce.

    La Casa’s been around since the 1950’s and their sign is now a historic marker so 1) they’re not allowed to change it 2) they have to keep it turned on if the store is open. Apparently a couple years back it got damaged by a storm and they had to spend a lot of money restoring it.

    Evan and I are both dorks and talk about graphic design all the time. Evan adores the La Casa design: the typography and the little guy (“Peppi”). Personally, I really like the type and I think the figure is quaint for it’s time. Most of all, we both agree that we like it because it’s special. It’s not just that  ultra-thin all-lower-case typography that’s so en vogue right now.

    My mom also took me to see Guys & Dolls at the Omaha Community Playhouse. That was really fun! I’ve never seen that musical before and my mother’s never been to the theater at all. She said she might want to maybe go to another play too, possibly, which in mom-talk is as close to “I loved it!” as it gets. (Yes, living at home is killing my spirit a throwing a giant wet blanket over my optimism).

    And today I traded my Trek 820 mountain bike for a Schwinn Tourist hybrid bike. I’m so excited to take it out biking, but the weather is looking pretty grim today.  My Trek is actually a bit nicer and worth more than the Schwinn, but it wasn’t working for the road biking I was doing. I know this isn’t impressive to most people, but I road for an hour and half yesterday on our trail in Papillion and I was really proud of myself!

    No luck in the finding a job. My future is only just starting to come into focus. But I’m just hoping to enjoy this summer.

  • 5: Things this week

    Busy week, but is it ever any other way?

    01 | Monday: Evan’s art show. What fun!

    02 | Tuesday: Applied for an art school. AHHHH! I can’t believe that was only Tuesday.

    03 | Wednesday: Working on a website for my friend’s band, Solid Gold. They need a redesign, right?

    04| Thursday: Studied for a Chaucer test with Bob where we informed me that, as an honor student I was automatically signed up for a Undergraduate Research Day in April. Surprise! I also found out that my thesis defense includes a 1-hour presentation, by me. I don’t think I can talk for an hour! At least I wrote my proposal for the my Laramie atlas. I’m thinking a genre study.

    05 | Friday: Filled out paperwork for GRADUATION. Did you know that it costs $68 to get your cap and gown? You don’t even get to keep it AND you don’t get any money back! Highway robbery!!!

    06 |Saturday: Driving to Denver to get my computer fixed. Sigh! Gas is so expensive!

    Good luck with your semester! Sorry I didn’t post much this week. So many things to do!! I’m caught between wanting things to slow down and speed up!

  • Metropolitan weekend

    On Friday I went to the 36th Annual Juried University of Wyoming Student Exhibition where many talented UW artists’ work were displayed including three of Evan’s paintings and two of Jessica‘s

    [bad picture of Evan’s Crow Reservoir” -sold-]

    [Evan’s “Creatures” -$800-]

    [Jessica’s painting (“campfire”?) -sold]

    Afterward, we went to the Art Show after party in the new Wildcatter Stadium Suites. It was nice up there and there was good food. But can I just mention UW recently spent about $26.4 million on renovating the stadium this year (over $9.2 million on the new Wildcatter area) and they canceled their plans to renovate Hoyt Hall (where the English and Languages departments are held) even though Hoyt is extremely outdated and has asbestos [source]? Oh yeah,  and of course the new business building looks like a mansion. Gag.

    On Saturday I went to the Denver Center for Performing Arts to watch A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It was really well done and hilarious! I have never read or seen this play before for some reason and I really enjoyed it. Only $10 with our student ids!

    And on Sunday, I watched way too much of Pushing Daises and finished season two. I’m so sad that show got canceled so abruptly. The trailer doesn’t make it sounds as great as it really is.

  • Give a hoot, don’t pollute!

    Our costumes for Halloween: an owl, a tree, and an eyeball.

    I made my costume myself, if you couldn’t tell. My friend Sarah, costume designer extraordinaire, helped me with the pattern, and then I sewed it together. The hood is a Jacklyn original though. The shoes are dyed yellow :)

    (Carissa took the second one and she had no idea how to change the color settings)

  • 5: Polaroids

    What? It’s not Friday? Yeah I know.

    I had these done earlier today (Friday, I haven’t gone to bed yet), but then I ended up going out to eat and seeing Despicable Me (for free). Chaotic week and next week is going to be terrible! So…don’t expect much.

    But for here are 5 Polaroids I’ve taken recently! (Not so good)

    The first one was shot with the old 100 Silver Shade and the rest were shot with the PX 70 Color Shade. I but a TON of the color instant film because they were/are on sale. As you can see, they seem to be changing weird colors (these pictures are pretty from the summer, mostly). That makes me kind of sad. But at least I’ve preserved them so far.

    Oh, and the last one was my fault. I had something over the dispense to protect it from light, but it was too close and the film couldn’t eject properly. It was supposed to be sunshine through leaves..

    Impossible also sent out a newsletter and it looks like they have a new film which looks like it takes really nice pictures from it’s promo.

  • Back to School II: Sharpie Giveaway!


    The Sharpie. A wonderful creation. This year I have prepared for my back to school adventures with a new pack of Sharpie Markers, Sharpie Pens, and the new Sharpie pencils. So you can imagine my delight when I saw that One Pearl Button was having a Sharpie Giveaway as a back-to-school event. Leave a comment on her post to enter! (I’ve been secretly following her for a year,  I love her blog and you should too, she’s been on my blog roll)

    Last semester for my book arts class I made this:

    (30 x 22 inches, click to enlarge)

    With Bic permanent markers. Gasp. My friend’s mom got them for free for being a school administrator so they were at hand. But I would love to do another one in the Sharpies. I’m sure if I did, everything about it would be better. ::wink wink::

    It’s my walk to elementary school when I was little. It has my peach-colored house, which I was embarassed of; our neighbors dog, Stormy; The lady with the beautiful backyard that always had birds in the fountain; The part of the sidewalk with the annoying bushes; The house with the puppies and the green & white privacy screen. And so on..

    Alli is also part of the Sharpie Squad. Is that neat?

    Last year James Victore, a famous graphic designer, came to do a workshop at my school. He does a lot of his art with Sharpie Markers, and when his new book came out, James Victore or, Who died and made you boss?, Sharpie made a special James Victore Sharpie which said “Victore” instead of Sharpie. Evan got one!

    Here’s one of his pieces: