Down in K-Town

our shoes. Me/yellow. Laura/blue. Igor/sneakers. Jeff/Flip flops

I visited Kirksville, MO this week to see my friends from Truman State University, where I went to school for a year. It was so amazing to get to see my chums again. I just arrived back to Omaha this Friday and was sad to say “goodbye” “until next time” to such amazing people.  We got to celebrates Jeff’s birthday! At least the promised (promised) to come visit me when I go back to Wyoming!

Some of the highlights:

1|  Jeff, hating the mixed CD of my favorite songs more than anything he’s ever hated before 🙂

2| Igor and Jeff’s odd married-coupled relationship. They’re at the point where they can do jokes together without planning them. And they canoodle.

2.1| Meeting Igor’s little brother, Daniel. Such a nice young chap.

3| Getting to see Laura “Bangin’ Backyard” T.  My favorite roommate and the coolest cat I know.

4| Staying at J&I’s house. Which is 100% nicer than my apartment for the same or less money.

5| Going to 1000 Hills Lake. Taking a Jon-Row boat with two right paddles. Docking on the shore and swimming. Thanks to Jeff’s amazing, inescapable knotting (and boating) skills. And having a long conversation about whether or not one of us should tinkle in the lake.

6| Sushi dinner. Rosie breakfast.

7| Playing songs we used (or now secretly) love but now don’t (or wouldn’t tell anyone). Remember “All Star” by Smash Mouth?! I didn’t!

8| Finding out that Laura is a little attracted to Asian boys because she thinks Asian babies are cute. That’s foresight. Also that my old-school headphones will always be dorky. Comfort < Fashion.

9| Triumphantly finding coffee at Java Co. (Why this was a surprise, I don’t know).

10| Date night. BYO Cheez-its.

Oh, and this song getting played for some reason:

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